Bus Driver Suffers Heart Attack, Crashes While Transporting Passengers

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From “infowars.com”

(Remember back in 2021 when I posted this about “vaccidents”?)

Video shows bus driver behaving normally, when he suddenly looks up with an expression of pain and stomps on the gas.

Startling footage out of Turkey shows the moment a bus driver suffered a heart attack as he transported passengers, causing a major accident.

The incident took place late September in the city of Sivas and was documented by a surveillance camera inside the bus.

Video shows driver Ömer Odabaşı behaving normally while at a complete stop, when he suddenly begins looking up with an expression of pain on his face.

Odabaşı presses the gas pedal while evidently suffering a medical emergency, with passengers looking on in horror as the bus moves forward while the driver has no control of the steering.

The driver emits an eerie guttural sound as he plows through traffic and smashes into vehicles, sending a female passenger flying forward toward the front of the bus.

Even after the crash, the driver convulses violently while continuing to suffer seizures for several moments.

Photos from Turkish news site Yeni Şafak show the aftermath of the chaos wrought by the runaway bus, with reports stating 7 were injured during the incident.

Meanwhile, Sivas Governor Yılmaz Şimşek claimed there were no serious injuries and that the driver who had likely suffered a heart attack was treated at the scene.

While it’s unclear what prompted Odabaşı’s medical emergency, his sudden seemingly unprovoked heart attack appears to fit a pattern seen across the globe since introduction of Covid-19 vaccines, many of which are known to cause blood clots and heart inflammation.

The harrowing footage was featured in a recent documentary chronicling the phenomenon produced by the Stew Peters Network titled, “Died Suddenly.”

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