David Zuniga calls on Americans to step up and take responsibility through TACTICAL CIVICS

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David Zuniga called on Americans to step up and take responsibility by means of Tactical Civics during his appearance on the May 25 episode of “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” on Brighteon.TV.

He clarified to program host Ann Vandersteel that Tactical Civics is not electoral politics – rather, it is law enforcement and citizen oversight. Tactical Civics, Zuniga added, is the action mission of AmericaAgain! – a Christian charitable perpetual trust he and his brother Oscar founded in 2009.

According to Zuniga, they only need half of one percent of Americans who are all on the same action plan – about 1.7 million – to step up and take responsibility.

“That’s a huge army. So that’s what we’re aiming for in every county, half of one percent. So, you figure out how many people [are] in your county, you do half of one percent,” he told Vandersteel. “That’s the number you have to hit … before we pull the trigger.”

“Everything that Patriots are complaining about today, We The People can arrest it. We can restore our country, but only if we execute on this mission plan – only if we do it in sequence, and only once we reach critical mass. We cannot fire before we aim.”

According to Zuniga, he and 46 other volunteers have invested almost 80,000 hours in developing the only action organization that is a full-spectrum solution. Since planting chapters almost three years ago, Tactica Civics is now in 49 states with more than 575 county chapters. While they are holding currently about 50 seminars around the country every month, Zuniga said they plan to increase that number to about 75 per month by next quarter.

Ultimately, Zuniga said Americans who are serious about restoring the country must begin with personal repentance. He stressed to Vandersteel that people cannot just demand everything from God because He does not work that way.

Americans too busy looking at all the distractions

A Tactical Civics press release from October 2021 clarified that Tactical Civics is “We The People finally enforcing the magnificent law that our forefathers left us. Unlike politics, [it] needs only half of one percent of the people to take responsibility.”

This could prove to be a Herculean task as Zuniga noted that the billionaires, tech giants and their cohorts are ginning up civil war in the United States. According to him, they plan on dividing, distracting and dissolving the American people while picking their pockets. He also noted how they sap the energy and liberty of Americans, who are themselves too busy looking at all the distractions going on to actually do anything.

Vandersteel commented that Americans have found themselves in a fifth-generation warfare where they are distracted by so many issues that are happening such as transgenderism, critical race theory, southern border invasion, devaluation of the dollar, inflation, the war in Ukraine and the impending war between China and Taiwan. (Related: Jeffrey Prather: Culture change is part of fifth-generation warfare – Brighteon.TV)

The Brighteon.TV host then asked Zuniga how the American people can be activated to hold the de facto fake public servants accountable.

Zuniga replied that the actual layout of the American government as stipulated in the U.S. Constitution shows the American people being above all. This means that We The People supersede the state courts; state and federal legislators; all city and county boards; the city and county; state and federal bureaucracies and the federal courts.

He pointed out that the American people’s job is to make sure that all elected public officials who have taken an oath to obey the Constitution are doing their duty.

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Watch the May 25 episode of “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” below. “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel” airs every weekday at 8-8:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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