I’ts Only Going To Get Better When WE THE PEOPLE Have Said “We Have Had Enough”

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If you expect someone to make all of this inflation, fuel costs, food prices, medical tyranny, and the attack of our rights, liberties, and freedom go away then you will be mighty disappointed. If you continue to let the government and globalist bullies to push their agendas onto your life then they will continue. We are headed down a path that will ensure that your children and grandchildren will be servient slaves to the globalists.

Can you honestly look into the mirror and face your reflection knowing that you stood by and did nothing? I am mostly speaking to people that have taken an oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. You swore an oath, not to globalists, but to “the people”.

I came across this video from John Schneider, who I have always admired. In the video, he has a down to earth conversation about what we all are currently dealing with. At the end he reminds us that it’s only going to get better when We The People have said WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

Listen to what John says:

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