Mass Looting Breaks Out in Philly After Judge Dismisses Charges Against Cop Who Shot Man Armed With Knife

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Victims of systemic racism were out in force on Tuesday night collecting reparations from shop after shop in Philadelphia in response to a judge dismissing a politically-motivated murder charge against a police officer who shot a man armed with a knife.

Soros-funded District Attorney Larry Krasner charged police officer Mark Dial with “first-degree murder” for shooting knife-wielding 27-year-old Eddie Irizarry during a traffic stop on Aug 14.

Judge Wendy Pew on Tuesday dismissed all charges against Dial citing a lack of evidence and agreed with the defense that the charges never should have been filed in the first place. Nonetheless, Krasner filed a motion “to reinstate all of the charges against Dial” and “a hearing for that motion is scheduled for October 25,” WPVI reports.

Of course, the facts of the case don’t matter at all when it comes to what took place on Tuesday night as any excuse to loot will do.

Earlier this year, a black activist told the California Reparations Task Force that there is “only one thing” that will stop black youth from looting “and that’s reparations.”

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