Right Now with Ann Vandersteel: Gary Binford says the world’s destruction is rooted in GETTING RID OF GOD

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Podcaster Gary Binford told Ann Vandersteel that the ongoing destruction of the world is rooted in the idea of getting rid of God.

“What people have to understand is the destruction of the world is predicated on getting rid of God. You’ll notice nobody talks about getting rid of anything that has to do with anybody except for Jesus Christ,” he said during an episode of the Brighteon.TV program “Right Now with Ann Vandersteel.”

“This whole thing is aimed at God. It always has been aimed at God because either people are going to follow a benevolent God and look to Him for their sustenance or look to government. But you can’t look for both.”

Vandersteel agreed, noting that the American people are watching the total meltdown of America. This, she added, was all organized by powerful and influential people. The co-chair of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation lamented that this total urban and familial decay across the country was the result of Americans allowing what the Founding Fathers established 250 years ago to collapse.

Binford said: “You have evil, and that evil – since at least Karl Marx in the 1800s – has been in the form of communism, Marxism, socialism, progressivism, whatever you want to call it. And it’s just a matter of how long a country can survive.”

According to the host of “United Patriots Uprising,” Marx and Italian communist Antonio Gramsci wanted to get rid of God, Christianity and Western culture. These leftist ideas entered America through Columbia University in 1935 and have since taken root in in the colleges. Later, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” established the way how these ideologies can be put in action to get rid of God.

In 1958, former federal agent W. Cleon Skousen revealed that the communists are trying to take over America. He mentioned that the goal of the communists was to get control of the schools, promote pornography, easy divorce and social religion; get rid of God; get control of the media and motion pictures; and steer everything toward socialism. (Related: Parents take action against Westport, Ct., school board for indoctrinating their children into Marxism.)

“Once you take God out of your country, you’re on your way down” Binford warned. “Because without the moral compass of truth, you are not going to know what is truth and truth from error.”

Cultural Marxism changing people’s concepts of what is right and wrong

“The likes of Gramsci and Herbert Marcuse took the Marxist ideology from founder Karl Marx and ran with it. The community organizing edict put forth … by Alinsky from his 1971 book ‘Rules for Radicals’ is playing out daily before our very eyes,” Binford wrote in a July 2020 piece for the Conservative Business Journal.

He told Vandersteel that Cultural Marxism changes what people consider right and wrong – through postmodernism, wokeness and cancel culture. Binford lamented that America is in this situation and was brought to this stage through a concerted effort lasting for more than 100 years. Ultimately, this effort is about getting rid of the truth and replacing it with what exactly the communists say is truth.

According to Binford, justice has become “social justice” and religion has become “multicultural religion.” To illustrate the latter, Binford said the concept of “there is only one God” has become “have as many gods as you want.” Moreover, he blasted the concept of a person having many genders as lunacy.

Ultimately, Binford pointed out that the communists have taken control of the media, academia and evangelical church – thanks to factions working on their side. There used to be a time when people would agree to disagree on some issues. However, Binford said that was a thing of the past.

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