This quote explains everything about me:

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery" ~Thomas Jefferson

Thanks for visiting my website. You can call me "SP". It is my hope and goal to spread the word of freedom to as many "sheeple" as I can. Hopefully, they will take it upon themselves to become "wolves" and stand up for their liberties and rights given to them at birth. If you are a wolf, then welcome to the pack! I will be posting various articles about how people are having their rights and freedom taken away by continuing to be "sheeple". 

To All "Bad" Law Enforcers That Visit This Website: You are also sheeple. You are more in the sheeple mentality than civillians. How do I know this? Because I was a law enforcer for five years. I saw what I was becoming. The training that I got was trying to make me disregard peoples rights. I am so glad that I saw the light and got as far away from it as I could.
If the "bad" law enforcers would drop the shield of ego and look at themselves, they would see that they are order followers for tyrants. The "bad" law enforcers are what keep all sheeple enslaved by threat of violence.