73% of Voters Upset Over Direction of Country, Yet Dems Keep Winning Races

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From “infowars.com”

Republicans should have won a massive House majority, given the exit polls.

Instead, they picked up a few seats for sure, with control over the House still up in the air.

A CNN exit poll revealed that 73% of voters were unhappy with the direction of the Democrat-run country, yet Democrats keep winning races nationwide, prompting several analysts to point at voter fraud.

A full 34% of respondents said they were angry at how the White House and Congress, both controlled by Democrats, were running the US, and a further 39% said they were dissatisfied.

Although several prominent Republicans won key races, there wasn’t a Republican landslide like exit polls suggested, which once again highlighted the issue of voter fraud.

“So they voted Democrats back into power, they really want us to believe this too,” quipped the Gateway Pundit.

Additionally, a CBS poll said inflation was the top concern for voters, who believed the Republican Party overall could handle the issue better.

But again, the exit poll on inflation is opposite of the overall election results, in which Democrats faired better than expected.

To put it in perspective, then President Obama lost 63 House seats and six Senate seats during the 2010 midterms, while George W. Bush lost 30 House seats and six Senate seats as Iraq and Afghanistan war fatigue set in.

Biden, on the other hand, might lose a few House seats – and possibly control of the House – but it wasn’t an overwhelming victory for Republicans.

One issue that did galvanize Democrats was the recent Supreme Court decision recognizing that states, not the federal government, have power to dictate abortion laws, but this fervor was mainly seen in areas that were already solidly Democratic since abortion rates are generally higher in blue states.

The national Republican Party also didn’t help with winning elections, with Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Rep. Kevin McCarthy backing several tepid candidates who didn’t resonate well with Republican voters.

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