$80 Billion NBOA – “National Bleed-Out Act” will make sure the IRS can collect your unpaid taxes or medical bills at gunpoint

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This article comes from “citizens.news”

Wave goodbye to liberty. Now it’s not just DHS that’s armed to the teeth, but FDA, EPA, USDA, CDC, CPS, and… wait for it… the I…R…S. Meanwhile, as the Democrats print trillions of dollars that go completely unaccounted for, Biden wants YOUR guns, and badly, right now. The rogue US government is stockpiling weapons for the IRS while they emotionally charge the populace with every mass shooting in an effort to take away all of their guns. See the big picture here? The funding mechanism for turning the IRS into the SS Gestapo nearly overnight is called the NBOA – National Bleed-Out Act, also known as the fake Inflation Reduction Act.

Break out the tanks, the automatic weapons, the hollow point bullets and lots of tear gas, and load up the IRS in preparation for MASSIVE tax hikes, MASSIVE inflation increases, and MASSIVE food shortages across the entire country you used to know.

Prepare for the Intolerable Acts of 2022-24

Now it gets nasty. Evil. Bottomless pit horrendous. The IRS is in mass preparation mode right now, arming up with bullets, guns, “officers” and possibly robo-cops (think fully-automated cops-on-horses, robot collector ‘dogs,’ and drones that fly to your front door to film it all, possibly in infra-red at 330 am. Inflation is skyrocketing. Government and private sector debt is an avalanche. Supply chain issues are a tsunami. And the empty shelves at grocery stores looks like the aftermath of a massive hurricane.

Now come the Intolerable Acts of 2022-2024. The Democrats are admitting they are evil, tyrannical and not-to-be-stopped. Protest them (even peacefully) in Washington DC and you will be slammed into the worst prison ever, with no lawyer or trial in sight, and charged as a domestic terrorist, with no real crime even committed.


Amazon and their drone-army will most likely team up with the IRS, and the next package you think you’re getting will be a full-blown raid to collect any debt you have, or ever had, or maybe never had, because you’re a conservative that the Left plans on prosecuting anyhow. Just like they did when they raided Trump’s home.

The IRS will be armed with 5 million rounds of ammo like a Russian Blitzkrieg, storming into homes and pulling people out like they are terrorists living in the USA, when all they are is tax-paying, law-abiding, God-fearing citizens who “disagree” with the fake narratives of war, pandemic, economy, supply chain, vaccines, food and the environment.

 “National Bleed-Out Act” doubles the size of the IRS, arms them to the teeth, and builds up their records system like a Nazi concentration camp death list

With the insane Democrats in charge of Washington DC, the FDA, the CDC, DHS, CPS and the IRS, who do you think will show up first in their Microsoft databases for immediate collections (at gunpoint)? The unvaccinated. The Republicans. The gun owners. The big land owners. That’s who. They’ll be invaded by the IRS “SS” Gestapo officers like Roger Stone on a calm, quiet evening. Most likely, CPS will accompany them to “take care” of your children while you’re locked up with no trial or lawyer. Remember, the FBI says if you’re patriotic, then you are a domestic terrorist.

The National Bleed-Out Act is not intended to reduce inflation, or stop it, or fix it, or any of the above. It’s all about arming up the IRS for when inflation gets MUCH WORSE and taxes go WAY UP on all Americans, Bernie Sander’s style. Communist style. The entire USA will look just like Venezuela.

That’s the goal, and the Inflation Reduction Act means just the opposite, because it’s always opposite day when an “Act” or “Bill” gets a name from the Demoncrats. It comes as no surprise. Remember Obama’s NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act? That still applies, where the US government can claim a “national emergency” and take over your land, your home, your food, and maybe your children too.

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