Actor Tom Green Drops Red Pill Truth Bombs: UFOs Distracting from Release of Epstein Island List, Ohio Train Derailment & More

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Actor known for being a goofball is actually quite red-pilled!

Hollywood actor and comedian Tom Green isn’t buying the mainstream media’s UFO hype.

On Monday, the “Road Trip” actor took to social media to warn his followers the aerial objects are distractions from real issues people should be concerned about.

Check out Green’s viral TikTok video explaining how the UFO narrative is being talked up to take attention off of the forthcoming release of Epstein documents, the train crash in East Palestine, Ohio, poisoning residents and wildlife with toxic chemicals, and the very real prospect of World War 3.

Who would have known the actor known for being a comedic goofball can see through the media propaganda and is actually quite red-pilled?

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