Actress Suffers Facial Paralysis After Covid Jab – Says She’d Do It Again!

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Canadian actress Jennifer Gibson developed Bell’s Palsy weeks after taking AstraZeneca vaccine last year.

A video of a Canadian actress who suffered facial paralysis shortly after her Covid jab is going viral, with many people taken aback by how she still promoted the experimental vaccine despite her severe side effects.

In a video from May 2021, actress Jennifer Gibson documented how she developed Bell’s Palsy paralyzing half of her face within two weeks of taking the AstraZeneca jab.

“This is not a video I want to make,” Gibson says, breaking down in tears.

“I have been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, which is paralysis on one side of the face. For me it’s the left, obviously.”

Gibson confesses she got the vaccine in order to help things get back to normal. To be clear, the video was filmed as the Canadian government inundated its citizenry with lockdowns and pro-vaccine propaganda.

“So I got it about two weeks after getting my vaccine and I had a rough go with the vaccine – and I guess still am – but I have to say that I would do it again because it’s what we have to do to see people.”

Gibson went on to show off her “weird smile.”

Shortly after she took the jab, but before her adverse reaction surfaced, Gibson commented she was grateful for the vaccine.

In an interview with CityNews Toronto, Gibson again reiterated she would not discourage people from getting the vaccine, despite her facial paralysis.

Gibson appears to have taken the AZ jab, despite Canada a month earlier announcing it would suspend AstraZeneca Covid vaccine distribution to people under 55 citing concerns of blood clots.

Gibson’s posts, now forever immortalized on the internet, are apparently being revisited as a prime example of Stockholm Syndrome and the effectiveness of liberal brainwashing.

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