Amazon quietly banning more conservative, patriotic books by claiming they contain “hate speech”

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 Truths that some people may find uncomfortable or inconvenient are still truths, but if you’re an all-powerful big tech oligarch who has an iron grip on information, only your version of ‘the truth’ gets to be told.

As such, Amazon — the e-tailer behemoth that actually began as a bookseller — is now banning books just like the Nazis and Soviet Communists did because they contain truths and information the online company is arbitrarily calling “hate speech.”

The Epoch Times notes:

 Amazon has adopted a rule against books that contain anything the company labels as “hate speech.” It appears there was no announcement of the new rule. It was only noticed by media after the online retailer recently banned a book that criticizes transgender ideology. 

It isn’t clear what Amazon means by “hate speech” or even if it used that label to drop that particular book. In general parlance, Americans hold widely diverging views on what constitutes hate speech, a 2017 Cato poll found. Some tech platforms describe it as speech that disparages people based on characteristics such as race, gender, and sexual proclivities. But insider evidence indicates the companies aren’t clear on where to draw the lines, perpetually redraw them, and at least in some instances ignore violations when politically convenient.

“As a bookseller, we provide our customers with access to a variety of viewpoints, including books that some customers may find objectionable,” the company said in a statement to The Epoch Times.

“That said, we reserve the right not to sell certain content as described in our content guidelines for books, which you can find here. All retailers make decisions about what selection they choose to offer, and we do not take selection decisions lightly,” the statement added.

What a load of BS. Every single time a left-wing company, politician or entity bans something they disagree with politically or culturally, they do so while claiming to ‘support diversity.’ 

How is killing diversity supporting diversity? Only George Orwell can make sense of that kind of thinking.

And what’s more, as The Epoch Times pointed out, the change came in August 2020 and was made without the e-tailer telling its customers.

So, not only is Amazon less diverse, they aren’t very transparent, either. 

“The change apparently occurred prior to Feb. 24 when JustTheNews reported on the new policy. The report followed the banning of ‘When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment,’ a 2018 book by Ryan Anderson, president of the Washington-based think tank Ethics and Public Policy Center,” The Epoch Times reported.

Let’s be clear: There is no such thing as “diversity of thought” on the left. They are Marxists, pure and simple, which by definition means they are authoritarians that demand conformity. Just like in China, increasingly again in Russia, in Cuba, and every other tyrannical country, the people cannot be ‘free thinkers’ — they have to be conformists, and if they’re not, they are punished. (Related: MEDICAL TYRANNY accelerates as COVID “passports” set to go live in March.)

Leftists actually punish people in America who don’t agree with them or believe as they do. That’s what the whole ‘cancel culture’ movement is about; big tech platforms used to de-person people from society, erase their presence, and keep them subdued and hidden along with their ‘hate speech’ ideas. It’s obscene that such behavior is permitted in the one country where freedom of thought, speech and expression were all codified in our founding governing document.

As for Anderson, he has yet to be informed as to why his book has been deplatformed.

“A week after they removed my book, Amazon still refuses to say which aspect of their ‘content policy’ the book violates (after three years of not violating that policy). And they refuse to say which page of the book commits the offense,” he told The Epoch Times.

We know the answer; Amazon’s leftists have deemed it not worthy of merit and thus it, along with Anderson, have been canceled.

Because tyrants must have conformity to rule.

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