America’s media-made “Covid Cult” so brainwashed they want people to DIE who refuse to wear a mask or vaccinate

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The CDC director and top vaccine industry shill, Rochelle Walensky, has announced to America that if you are not vaccinated for China Flu then you should not travel during the Labor Day holiday, while 200 million Americans are suffering from compromised immunity due to the blood-clotting, spike protein bioweapon injections. No health official anywhere is speaking about natural immunity to Covid, and how powerful and long-lasting it is, as opposed to Covid jabs that don’t prevent contraction or transmission of Covid at all, and only last a few months, at best.

These lies and cover-ups are gas-lighting the hatred spewed like poisonous venom at healthy, normal people who don’t fill their bloodstream with billions of toxic virus-mimicking spike protein particles. The fanatical “vaxxers” and oxygen-deprived mask-wearers are so deranged they want to kill or have killed anyone who comes near them that’s maskless and may not be inoculated with the world’s most deadly medical experiment ever.

Spike protein injection director of the CDC, Walensky, thinks men can get pregnant and wants all Americans to ostracize the unvaccinated, healthy people

Walensky is the same so-called “doctor” who believes that biological men can get pregnant, and somehow America is still supposed to heed her advice when it comes to things as scientific as vaccination and disease prevention. Please, spare us the idiocy. Meanwhile FDA scientists are resigning in her face as she pushes deadly vaccines for Covid onto children and pregnant women, trying to kill innocent people with blood-clotting prion injections because the China Flu is so scary, since no children anywhere in the world are at danger from it.

Wacko Walensky has ZERO science to back up her claims and advice. She has no science to prove masks help prevent the spread of Covid. She has no science to prove vaccinations reduce contraction or transmission of Covid. She has no science to back up her advice that unvaccinated people shouldn’t travel during holidays, because the whole pandemic is fear based, not science based.

All CDC and FDA regulatory talking heads and bureaucrats think all Americans are dumb enough to get vaccinated for Covid, eventually

Even the “fully vaccinated” sheeple are beginning to ask questions and become skeptics of Covid vaccination now that all the regulatory shills and bureaucrats are pushing hard for “boosters” every 3 to 5 months, plus flu shots, plus continued mask-wearing for the “fully vaccinated.” Go anywhere and just start a conversation about boosters and hear what the vaxxed sheeple are complaining about, besides the side effects from their toxic jabs.

Meanwhile, the unvaccinated continue to enjoy natural immunity to and natural protection from Covid, flying in the face of everything the vax-fanatics are slinging on fake news, in schools, at colleges, via corporations and, of course, in every hospital in the country. The vaxxed are being trained like rabid dogs to hate and attack the “threat” to their Covid (fake) safety net. The Covid rhetoric is deafening. The hypocrisy is maddening.

The stupidity of all things “Covid safety,” including social distancing and lockdowns, drives more sickness, violence and hate. It’s dividing America in half, and that’s the ultimate goal of the sick care industry, besides wiping out 70 percent of the populace using blood-clotting jabs. Welcome to the Covid Cult, where more than 100 million Americans are so deranged from toxic food and toxic medicine that they want to kill their fellow Americans for not taking the same deadly drugs as them.

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