Antarctic station where 100% of employees are fully vaccinated just had two-thirds of its workforce test positive

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The mainstream media is reporting that a remote facility in Antarctica where 100 percent of workers are fully vaccinated is suffering through an outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) affecting more than 66 percent of the workforce.

The Belgian scientific research station, which is far, far away from civilization and really any external source that might be harboring Tony Fauci’s lab-manufactured coronavirus germs, is suddenly teeming with “positive” test results. And the only possible source of infection, it turns out, are the injections that everyone was forced to take.

Since December 14, two-thirds of the 25 workers at the Princess Elisabeth Polar Station have reportedly “caught” the dreaded virus, which officials say is producing only mild symptoms so far.

“The situation isn’t dramatic,” says Joseph Cheek, a project manager for the International Polar Foundation (IPF). “While it has been an inconvenience to have to quarantine certain members of the staff who caught the virus, it hasn’t significantly affected our work at the station overall.”

“All residents of the station were offered the opportunity to leave on a scheduled flight on 12 January. However, they all expressed their wish to stay and continue their work.”

The IPF has been operating the Princess Elisabeth station since 2009, and this is not the first time that Antarctic research stations have experienced outbreaks of the Wuhan Flu.


Last year, a number of Chilean military personnel based at Bernardo O’Higgins research station tested positive after encountering sailors on a ship who also tested positive.

“100% vaxxed. 100% remote and quarantined. Still, covid outbreak in 2/3rds,” tweeted someone about the latest outbreak.

Steve Kirsch also chimed in about how this just goes to show that the jabs are not providing protection against infection.

“This is a perfect example of how well vaccines work,” he wrote.

Several of Kirsch’s commenters spoke their minds as well about how ridiculous this whole charade is becoming. Why, some wonder, is the media even admitting to such things in the first place?

“You’d need one heck of an imagination just to make this stuff up,” one person wrote. “Don’t blame the bats anymore, it’s those pesky little penguins :).”

The situation is pretty dire in Israel as well, we are told. Despite the majority of its population being vaccinated with something like three or four injections at this point, Israel continues to see outbreak after outbreak of the Wuhan Flu.

Wherever jab uptake is high, so are the covid numbers. And this is not just positive cases, mind you, but also hospitalizations and deaths. The more jabs a person gets, the greater his chances of getting sick or dying.

“There is a good chance that this outbreak is bunk and it wouldn’t be the first time the PCR test declared a false pandemic,” suggested another of Kirsch’s readers.

“Even the Nobel Prize winning inventor of PCR said that it wasn’t appropriate for diagnosing disease. Around 2007, ‘experts’ declared a whooping cough outbreak at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center based on PCR. They furloughed people from work, gave them antibiotics and of course a vaccine.”

“In the end, not a single case of whooping cough was confirmed by growing bordetella pertussis in the laboratory. It was all nonsense. The fake pandemic at Dartmouth was written up in the New York Times and I’ve included a link to the article.”

Another added that the so-called “testing” has always been garbage, but that it worked extremely well to cultivate fear in the minds of people who do not understand how it works.

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