Are You Awake Yet?

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Well well. Do you still think that you live in the “Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave“? Did you just see right before your very eyes the “selection” of the new “leader” of this country? Where is all of the big arrests that the “Q” loyalists said was going to happen? The words from Trumps mouth “The Best Is Yet To Come” really means that the “best” attack on America’s freedom and liberties is coming and you are on your own. Are you starting to see what happens when millions upon millions are lazy, complacent, and take freedom for granted? You lose those liberties and freedoms. that’s what happens.

The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance And Indifference To This Notion Is The Means By Which The People Have And Will Secure Their Own Oppression.

~Thomas Jefferson

Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone….

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