Bereaved Dad: ‘I Have No Doubt Pfizer and Media’s Relentless ‘It’s Safe’ Message Killed My 18-Year-Old Daughter’

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‘I learned from her friends that she got the Pfizer shot back in July and told her friends not to tell me,’ described Trista Martin’s father.

The parents of an 18-year-old girl who died suddenly blame Pfizer’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine for her untimely, unexpected death.

High school graduate Trista Deanè Martin passed away last month on November 9 with doctors unable to immediately identify her cause of death.

Her father Allen Martin described on Twitter how she “had no history of diabetes, yet had a blood glucose level of over 600 and her heart was swollen as I watched her die.”

In another post late last month, Allen described learning from her friends she’d taken a Pfizer jab in July.

“My healthy vibrant 18 yo beautiful daughter Trista #DiedSuddenly. We don’t know why. She just died. It will take months for the M.E. report they said. I learned from her friends that she got the Pfizer shot back in July and told her friends not to tell me.”

Posting to Twitter, Trista’s mother, Taylor Martin, says despite her daughter already having Covid twice, she was persuaded by the media to receive the deadly injection.

“I blame the media for scaring our children into believing the BS! #JusticeForTrista,” Trista’s mother wrote on Twitter Monday.

Taylor lamented her daughter’s loss on Facebook, saying, “In the blink of an eye, gone. Trista Deanè Martin passed away yesterday evening & we have no answers. No why. Just gone. She was only 18. She was just starting her adult life. This isn’t fair. This isn’t right. Your children are not supposed to go before you.”

The Twitter account for the documentary Died Suddenly revealed an email from the Martins where they ultimately blamed Pfizer for her death.

“In the heartbreaking email from her father, he states: ‘I have no doubt that Pfizer and the relentless “its safe” message from the Media killed my daughter. We HAVE to stop this.’”

Trista’s death is part of a distressing trend of unexpected deaths around the world since the rollout of the experimental Covid-19 injections, a phenomenon chronicled in the recent documentary, “Died Suddenly.”

Here are the parents speaking to Stew Peters about Trista’s death.

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