Biden and the Democrats continue using biological warfare against ‘non-compliant’ Red State conservatives

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The BDTR, Biden Domestic Terrorism Regime, is at it again, folks. Last month we reported on how the Biden camp purposely released thousands of illegal aliens with Covid in South Texas in retaliation for Texas’ Governor Abbott opening up their economy 100% and mask-free. Now, the BDTR is about to fly thousands of immigrants with Covid to the northwest territories of the USA, including South Dakota and Montana, and those just happen to be Red states where it’s still very cold (at night) and facilities have far fewer resources to be able to care for migrants properly. Perfect for lowering their resistance to viruses and for spreading Covid in the Republican-led states that aren’t abiding by the BDTR pandemic narrative.

Any states that dare to lift Covid restrictions will now be disciplined by the psychotic Democrat-led US government with shipments of Covid-infected illegal immigrants. Take that! Can you say biological warfare without coughing into your Covid mask?

Biden depositing Covid-infected Migrants in Republican States grounds for IMPEACHMENT right now

If the Republicans can prove the Biden Regime is purposely spreading Covid in America, it’s definitely all the proof needed to begin impeachment proceedings in Congress. Especially compared to what Trump went through with the fake Russia collusion and the fake Ukraine scandal. As millions of migrants flood the southern border of the USA at record levels, knowing Biden is letting everyone have a free pass right now, Biden is literally prepping to ship them north.

The BDTR has requested plane support via Customs and Border Protection, asking none other than ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) to fly families with many minors from South Texas to the northern Red States in order to spread Covid as revenge for non-compliance.

This is bio-warfare committed against Americans by Americans, and thousands of people could die from Covid, thanks to our new fake president, resident Biden. Nearly 5,000 unaccompanied children wait at more than 10 detention centers at the border to board planes heading to Republican states. These infected kids have stayed long past the 3 day legal limit, but mainstream media refuses to report anything bad about the immigration crisis. Nothing to see here. Just kids in cages with Covid about to be shipped across the USA to spread Covid so the Democrats can force lockdowns and shut down economies of Republican States. Again, it’s bio-warfare. The BDTR is using the disease to start a civil war and destroy America so it can be turned into a Marxist hell-hole.

FEMA aiding Biden domestic-bio-terrorism agenda with over $100 million in funding

Oh yes, biological terrorism agendas are never complete without FEMA’s help. During the Obama terror regime and their Ebola import agenda years ago, FEMA bought millions of coffins to stack American bodies and conserve space. Oh, you forgot? Now they’re ‘stepping up’ again, funding the China/Biden plan to spread disease all over the US while pretending to try and contain it, while telling Americans to wear their masks everywhere, social distance, and never get together in groups.

Meanwhile, hundreds of migrants kids are packed into huge open rooms, with no masks, no plastic partitions or cocoons that supposedly protect against the spread of deadly Covid (like they use in public schools). Crickets from Fauci on this one.

Is Senile China Joe is a domestic terrorist in charge of US nuclear weaponry?

Yes, Joe Biden thinks his wife and Commie-Kamala are president. No, China Joe did not get 80 million votes for president. Yes, the Democrats are spreading Covid on purpose to ruin the economy of all states, not just California, New York, Michigan and Virginia. The Covid virus and the mRNA vaccines are biological warfare weapons of mass destruction and population reduction, make no mistake. The scariest part is that the hologram we know as China Joe knows the nuclear codes and has been “sworn in.”

Tune your internet dial to for updates on the BDTR, Biden Domestic Terrorism Regime, telling Americans they can’t gather for July 4th barbecues, while millions of illegal immigrants with Covid are being shipped and flown into Red States that “buck the system.”

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