Biden’s Border Patrol Allows Traffickers To Smuggle Drugged Children Across US Border

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Disturbing footage shot by Border News Network reporter Anthony Aguero at the Texas-Mexico border shows illegal immigrant human traffickers bringing drugged children into America.

Infowars’ Owen Shroyer interviewed Aguero about the footage last year in an epic segment of the War Room.

“Drugged Children,” Aguero wrote on X Monday. “This is the work I do and this video was the reason I was cancelled on PayPal, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Buy Me A Coffee and Cash App. Understand that this pedo cult will try to destroy you the minute you try and shine light in to what they’re doing.”

The post continued, “If you’re interested in following my content live, please find me on Locals and #BorderWars on Rumble. Help me shed some light in to the darkness on the southern border. Consider going to I need your help now more than ever to continue bringing this to light. I’m not funded by Soros or a big company, it’s just good folks like yourself and I. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Let’s keep shining the light and rescuing kids at the border.”

Aguero has previously captured similar footage:

Tucker Carlson recently hammered Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott regarding illegal immigration during a speech last month, saying, “He’s got a National Guard. He’s the commander in chief of the National Guard and it’s Texas so they’re all large and they have double-stacked magazines in their sidearms. Do you think they couldn’t stop that in a week if they… of course! Just assemble on the border and say, ‘We’re not doing this.’”

Carlson even revealed he suggested that exact move to Greg Abbott personally and was told it was “too complicated” for him to place the National Guard at the state’s southern border.

The journalist called Abbott a “liar” and “betrayer” of the people of Texas.

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