Big Pharma pushing approval of COVID-19 vaccines for children in order to escape legal liabilities

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Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel said that presently there is no Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States and that Big Pharma intends to use children as legal human shields for vaccines.

On top of monetary gains, Pfizer, Moderna and other manufacturers appear to need the children as legal human shields for their products. Children face near-zero risk from COVID-19 but continue to experience alarming side effects. Health authorities in the U.S. have confirmed that children and adolescents develop COVID-19 in an extremely mild manner, if at all.

A study also showed that up to 80 percent of children develop side effects that can lead to severe trauma. In the study, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine was tested on 1,097 children and adolescents from 12 to 15 years of age. At least 866 experienced some form of unpleasant side effect – 466 were described as “mild,” 393 were “moderate” and seven were “severe.”

According to Schachtel, fact checkers at NewsweekUSA TodayReuters and the Associated Press peddled false information to cover up the truth.

Observers pointed out that the Reagan Administration passed a law that gave drug makers legal protection from liabilities for their vaccines if they can get approval for its use on children. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), which was passed into law in 1986, provides a legal liability shield to drug manufacturers if they receive full authorization for all ages.

Coupled with the lack of approved vaccine, Schachtel said there are no plans to make one available anytime soon in the United States.

Pfizer’s FDA-approved COVID vaccine nowhere to be found

The Biden administration and other states heralded the approval of Pfizer’s comirnaty as a landmark moment after getting FDA approval on August 23. But here’s the catch: Comirnaty is nowhere to found.

A separate product by Pfizer, which was given emergency use authorization, is the one available in the market. Pfizer explained that comirnaty isn’t available yet because of the presence of the EUA shots, but assured the public that it will soon be available.

Questions were also raised on why the FDA won’t approve the available product despite claims that it is the same as comirnaty. Observers noted that Pfizer wants comirnaty to become available for all ages in order to get an additional layer of protection from legal liabilities.

Steve Kirsch on his Substack said that comirnaty will magically appear in the market if approved for kids.

“The reason comirnaty isn’t available is because those shots would expose the company to liability since the fully licensed product doesn’t have the liability waiver of the EUA product,” said Kirsch.

“But once the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved in kids, then Pfizer gets liability waiver on all age groups due to a feature in federal law for child vaccines (NCVIA). At that time, they are done. They can market the COVID vaccine products under full approval for all age groups and face no liability when it kills or disables you.” (Related: More than 80% of children who received Pfizer’s covid injection suffered side effects.)

The Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention (CDC) said Pfizer is not planning to produce comirnaty while the vaccines with EUA remain available in the country. Comirnaty, according to the FDA, is a legally distinct product with with certain differences.

Watch the video below to know more about the side effects on children of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

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