BIG QUESTION: If lockdowns worked, why do we still need more lockdowns? Just another facet of the never-ending scamdemic

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What most Americans don’t know is that when coronavirus first hit China, scientists swore that strict mandates were working very well and had already “changed the course” of the pandemic. Their so-called “experts” declared that, “The question now is whether the world can take lessons from China‘s apparent success—and whether the massive lockdowns and electronic surveillance measures imposed by an authoritarian government would work in other countries.”

If the lockdowns worked so well, why was the whole world getting sick with the Wuhan virus just months later? And if the lockdowns worked so well, why would we need them again? Same goes for the vaccines, the masks, the social distancing, the anti-bacterial everything, the boosters, and so on. Could it be that it was always about coercing billions of people to take population-reducing jabs, agree to mail-in ballots for stealing elections, and loss of human rights for a permanent tyrannical government to take complete control?

China‘s aggressive measure did nothing to slow or stop coronavirus from spreading around the world

Hospitals and cemeteries are now packed with the vaccinated masses. Billions have suffered from pandemic mandates that didn’t just NOT WORK, but caused irreparable harm to humans, including their health and their businesses. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Communist China colluded to create, release, and “treat” the Wuhan Flu, while disseminating propaganda, false alarms, and health-and-economy-crippling mandates.

Lockdowns prevented nearly all small-to-medium-sized businesses from functioning for extended periods of time, and usually long enough to bankrupt them for good. Lockdowns ruined education, and children’s development suffered, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, socially, and on paper (poor reading, writing, and math skills). Virtual learning was next to useless, and nearly every teacher in the world would agree. Education just is not the same with students staring at a smart screen all day, from home, while learning zero social skills, no teamwork, no partners, no group work, and no friendships fostered. Lockdowns were disastrous.

Lockdowns also worsened immune system function. With no exposure to the outside world, people’s immune systems weakened systematically. With little-to-no sunshine people’s vitamin D levels dropped significantly. With the stress of being on lockdown, immune system function got even weaker. Lockdowns proved to be the absolute worst thing people can do during a pandemic, and then came the Covid clot shots.

Communist China had already planned and implemented mass electronic surveillance to supposedly “stop the spread” of the pathogen

Will it be lockdowns FOREVER? It was all about creating a permanent police state, and now China is in the middle of another massive lockdown, and the people are rising up against the tyranny. The pandemic was ALL about invoking a police-state tyranny across the planet, especially in China (as the litmus test) and then the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, and everywhere else it could be pulled off.

The fake PCR tests were another way to track humans, their movement and their obedience. Then there were the vaccine passports. Then tracking with smart phone apps to assist them in identifying people in their vicinity who “tested positive” or might be a “threat” for catching Fauci Flu.

All in all, the tsunami of deaths around the world weren’t due to the Wuhan gain-of-function virus, but rather a direct result of lockdowns and clot shots. There’s much more to come of that, and of the police-state tyranny where the USA looks more and more like Communist China.

Tune your internet dial to for more tips on how to use natural remedies for preventative medicine and for healing, instead of succumbing to Big Pharma for advice (and mandates) on how to deal with a lab-made virus no more deadly than the seasonal flu. The scamdemic rages on.

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