Bill Gates and UNICEF aligned with terrorist Taliban involving U.S. taxpayer dollars

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The CIA is well-known for getting in bed with terrorists and tyrannical regimes if those particular governments align with U.S. national security and foreign policy interests at the time.

Those scenarios have come back to bite us in the past, and in a big way.

Once upon a time, America was aligned with the late, not-so-great Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein when he was at war with Iran in the 1980s; eventually, we had to go to war against Saddam Hussein after he invaded an ally.

Around the same time, our government was aligned with a Middle East militant named Osama bin Laden — yes, that Osama bin Laden — when he was fighting the Soviet Union’s forces in Afghanistan. Within a decade we were at war with bin Laden and his al Qaeda terrorist group after they attacked and destroyed the then-twin World Trade Center towers and struck the Pentagon.

After 20 years we finally left Afghanistan, but now it appears as though American tax dollars will be going to support the terrorist regime that took over the country again after we deposed it: The Taliban.

And for good measure, one of our country’s richest people, Bill Gates, is also getting in on the action, because you can’t have too many Americans funding terrorists, apparently.

Daniel Greenfield, writing at FrontPage Magazine, has more:

When the Taliban set up their political operation in Doha, under the aegis of the Islamist state of Qatar, it wasn’t just the Americans and the Europeans who came to negotiate with the terrorists.

Last winter, UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, conducted its own negotiations with the Taliban. The UN agency, like many other non-profits, wanted to operate in Taliban territory and the representatives of the Islamist killers were willing to listen. What the Jihadist organization wanted from the UN was the same deal that Hamas got from UNRWA.

UNICEF would enable an ad-hoc school system that would operate under Taliban control.

Greenfield went on to say that often we, as a society, express concerns that terrorist groups are indoctrinating kids, but “few realize that our tax dollars and our non-profit organizations fund educational systems that are under the control of terrorists.”

The UN and its myriad of ‘aid’ agencies frequently enable terrorist organizations in their quest to indoctrinate children in their charge to grow up to be murderous thugs who kill with impunity, “most notoriously in Gaza,” where Palestinian children are brought up to hate Jews because it’s an Arab thing. There, UNRWA education centers “are not only staffed by Hamas members, but have been used as bases for rocket attacks against Israel,” Greenfield notes, adding that this is typical for the UN and its Palestinian allies.

The arrangement with the terrorist Taliban organization, however, is both new and deeper than many realize.

“The Helmand Sangin Workplan deal between the Taliban and UNICEF was said to have created 4,000 classes while reaching 140,000 Afghan children. There’s no way to know how true these numbers are, but the most significant part of the agreement was also the least reported part,” he writes.

Enter Bill Gates.

“It’s not clear if USAID was providing any funding to the Taliban’s educational system, but some American non-profits appeared to be doing so,” Greenfield wrote, adding: “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was reported to be picking up some of the cost.”

Voice of America added in December 2020: “The cost of operating the informal schools is to be shared among several groups, including the Global Partnership for Education, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others.”

Then, it wasn’t such a big deal that the UN and the Gates Foundation were involved in financing schools in Afghanistan because the Taliban were not in charge; now, however, they are again, but apparently, the financing via American tax dollars through a UN agency, is continuing.

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