Bill Gates “Orgasms” As Anderson Cooper Discusses Taking Social Security from Unvaccinated

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Liberal “fact-checkers” are in damage control mode after a months-old clip resurfaced showing Bill Gates sneering as CNN host Anderson Cooper discussed taking social security benefits from unvaccinated Americans.

In a clip re-circulating on social media from an August 4, 2021, CNN broadcast, Cooper asks Gates if the US should consider squeezing the unvaccinated with more restrictions, including

A perceptive Twitter commentator noted Gates appeared to be having a “full blown orgasm” as Cooper discussed the authoritarian restrictions.

“Social Security, you need to be vaccinated if you want to get whatever, whatever benefits they give, you need to be vaccinated,” Cooper tells Gates.

Meanwhile, the former Microsoft CEO appears barely able to contain his glee.

For full context, here’s Cooper’s full question, which asked whether Gates favored federal, or state vaccine mandates, or mandates imposed by corporations.

Obviously, corporations increasingly are saying you have to be vaccinated in order to work at our corporation. Is that something you support? And do you think the Federal government or state governments, or the very least Federal government should mandate, if you want to get on an airplane, you have to be vaccinated; if you want to get Social Security, you need to be vaccinated; if you want to get whatever benefits they give, you need to be vaccinated for. Is that something that the U.S. can and should do?

Watch the full clip below:

One reason Gates may have been particularly giddy could be because the interview that day regarded his close association with deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

While Gates did not expressly support withholding social security benefits, he did support the notion of corporations imposing their own vaccine mandates.

Here was his response:

“Well, certainly, if you take a case like nursing homes, where, you know, we are seeing transmission primarily through unvaccinated people,” Gates said. “There, you can make a very compelling case. If once you get far beyond that, the question is, will it work to get people to be more – to seek out the vaccine? You know, one elderly care home said hey, ‘If I require it, but the others don’t, you know, I simply just have less workers.’”

Left-leaning outlet Mediaite claimed social media users were fooled into thinking the interview was recent, but the video is clearly marked with a timestamp reading “Aug 4, 2021” in the top left-hand corner.

The Associated Press also attempted to debunk the viral video, falsely asserting that social media users were upset Anderson Cooper had promoted withholding social security; however, the uploader’s assertion was that Bill Gates had an orgasmic reaction to Cooper’s question – which the AP did not address.

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