Bill Gates Says Movie ‘Outbreak’ Outlines Model For How to Prevent Another Pandemic

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Bill Gates claimed the movie “Outbreak”, an action film in which the US government quarantines and plots to nuke a small town infected with a deadly Ebola variant, “nails it” as a model to prevent another pandemic.

You can’t make this up.

“Movies like Outbreak nailed it when they imagined a global disease-fighting team who is ready to respond to a crisis on a moment’s notice. Now we need to make it a reality,” Gates tweeted Sunday, including an article by The Economist explaining his proposal for a pandemic mobilization unit he calls GERM (Global Epidemic Response and Mobilisation).

Predictably, Gates opted to disable the comments on his post.

For those unfamiliar with the 1995 movie, actors Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman portray a military team of infectious disease researchers tasked with uncovering the origins of a deadly outbreak in a small northwestern town before the US government opts to nuke the entire area to cover up evidence of its bioweapons development responsible for the outbreak.

Naturally, online critics quickly pointed out the insanity underpinning Gates’ outlandish remark.

“In Outbreak, the government tries to bomb a small town to cover up it’s development of a deadly virus as a bio-weapon. Nice reference, Bill,” one user quipped.

“The government’s plan in that movie was to bomb an American city.”

“It took Dustin Hoffman defying orders and breaking chain of command to keep an entire city of American citizens from being wiped out by a military operation. And even then, only because a little girl struck up a friendship with an escaped monkey. You really need to go away,” one user stressed.

Under Gates’ proposal, his “GERM” team would operate under the auspices of the World Health Organization and be deployed to any area where outbreaks occur.

“He suggests creating a global ‘fire brigade’ of 3,000 experts scattered around the world, recruited for skills ranging from epidemiology and genetics, through drug and vaccine development and computer modelling, to diplomacy,” The Economist reported. “This outfit, which would probably work under the auspices of the World Health Organisation, would remain on permanent standby, ready to respond to any detected outbreak.”

Gates’ bizarre comment also comes amid an unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox in numerous Western nations over the last few weeks, just as the World Health Organization holds an assembly this week in Geneva to discuss the adoption of a globalist Pandemic Treaty by 194 nations.

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