Breaking Point-Episode 3- Energy Collapse

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The global economy as we currently know it runs on energy. And it order to keep it running, there must be a constant and ever-available supply of inexpensive and abundant energy, which “greenie” leftists want to eliminate in favor of “renewable” and “sustainable” energy.

In the following episode of “Breaking Point: Energy Collapse” from, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reveals the crucial importance of energy for life as we currently know it. Without energy, we all go back to the Dark Ages in an instant.

“The world’s economic activity is powered by energy,” Adams explains. “And without affordable and abundant energy, the world that we know, with all the conveniences of abundant food, easy transportation, and readily available consumer goods, will simply cease to exist.”

“Modern civilization cannot function without reliable, scalable, readily available energy. And while fusion energy is the future, today’s reliable energy source is found in fossil fuels ¬– not solar, wind, or other ‘green’ solutions that simply do not work in cold weather, cloudy weather, cold weather, or night.”

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