Calvin Klein Faces Backlash After Unveiling Obese Black Trans ‘Model’ Wearing Sports Bra

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Is this Calvin Klein’s Bud Light moment?

A Calvin Klein ad featuring a morbidly obese “trans man” posing in a sports bra has sparked massive backlash after going viral online.

Calvin Klein, which made its brand famous for its toned and fit half-naked models, shared a promotional photo of a bearded biological female named Bappie Kortram, who identifies as a man, wearing a sports bra as her hairy belly protrudes out of her unzipped blue jeans.

Bappie is apparently represented by a number of modeling agencies, including British Zebedee Talent, who described her as “a trans man who has not had top surgery yet.”

The ad gained attention after Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis condemned the LGBTQ ad campaign on Twitter, saying, “Calvin Klein wants to go broke.”

Many users agreed, noting this new brand ambassador is a far cry from the company’s usual male and female models typical of the brand.

This comes as numerous brands like Bud Light, TargetFordAdidas, and The North Face are facing widespread backlash for virtue-signaling LGBTQ and trans marketing ahead of Pride Month in June.

Adidas came under fire last week for promoting a biological male bulging out of a female swimsuit ahead of Pride Month.

Target, meanwhile, has hidden its LGBTQ products for children at the back of the store to minimize exposure following an “emergency call” among its executives on Tuesday.

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