Catch-2022? Americans now caught choosing between BAD government advice and absolute hypocrisy in the Covid-Truman Show

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Catch-22 is a term first used to describe someone who requests their own sanity evaluation as sane by default for simply making the request. In other words, you can’t be crazy if you choose to be assessed for “crazy,” or so the crazy ones may think. Most Americans who have been injected with the Fauci gene therapy shots believe they will need them at least twice a year for the rest of their life. They don’t think it’s crazy. They can defend it, by parroting all of the CDC coined phrases that are based on pure fiction.

Now, as 2022 begins, most Americans are caught choosing between evil and the lesser of evils, having no clue how to escape, or that they should even try. They’ll continue wearing their masks while declaring themselves “fully vaccinated,” all while waiting for the next booster jab to maintain that status, which means absolutely nothing in terms of better health outcomes. Instead of a catch-22, they’re all caught in catch-2022.

It’s truly a boondoggle, that leads into a labyrinth, inside of a maze, that’s surrounded by fake news, staged events and fake science. They are part of a global-scale-sized “Truman Show,” and they are the protagonists living without a clue.

The entire pandemic was staged to look much more deadly and drastic than it really is, but nobody who got the clot shots can fathom it

Most of the vaccinated world is so brainwashed by Covid propaganda that they still won’t remove their own masks. They keep them on inside their cars alone. They wear them at the gym while running on the treadmill. They keep them on in restaurants while they eat, pulling them up and down, up and down, while they chew their food. They are terrified of a flu that causes less deaths than MRSA does in hospitals. You can check the pharma death clock on that one for up-to-date statistics.

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Most of the vaccinated world takes pharmaceutical medications daily, while watching the very commercials for those meds that explain side effects worse than the condition being treated, but they can’t process the information in their brain. They are brainwashed. They believe they can “maintain” their lives with prescription medications for cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dementia. They think they can eat anything they want, watch TV news and save themselves by getting the deadly clot shots quarterly. They are caught in a catch-2022, and they do NOT even have a clue what’s happening to them.

Here are the top 6 catch-2022s for the Covid-Truman Show now airing live on Earth all day, every day, everywhere

#1. Covid vaccines CAUSE heart attacks and blood clots instead of preventing viral infection.

#2. The Left cried for 4 years that Trump stole the election by colluding with Russia, then the Left colluded with Communist China (and MSM/Social Media/Tech Giants) and stole the 2020 election with fake ballots and satellite-controlled voting machines.

#3. CDC and FDA claim ivermectin is dangerous horse medicine when it’s safe and effective against Covid.

#4. Trump claims he’s an American hero but pushes deadly clot shots as hard as Fauci.

#5. Masks cause bacterial infections of the mouth, throat and lungs that lead to pneumonia, instead of preventing contraction and transmission of Covid-19.

#6. Vaccines are supposed to protect a person for years, but they only last a few months, where natural immunity from infection can last a lifetime, but that scientific FACT is covered up by MSM, FDA and CDC.

Watch out for myths and misinformation about the Fauci Flu on mass media. Be sure to bookmark for updates on experimental vaccines and boosters that can cause blood clots, ADE and other horrific side effects.

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