CDC alters PCR testing guidelines to artificially boost vaccine “efficacy” and blame unvaccinated for “outbreaks”

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are using deliberate acts of deception, medical fraud and data manipulation to artificially boost the appearance of “efficacy” for the new mRNA vaccine experiments. The fraud is out in the open as of May 1, 2021 because the CDC made sweeping new policy changes that fraudulently alter the definition of a “covid case” after vaccination.

Overnight, all “asymptomatic” and mild “covid cases” no longer count, as long as the person is fully vaccinated. The CDC is manipulating the data to blame all future “covid cases” on the unvaccinated, to perpetuate a cycle of medical fraud and force vaccines on the population.

The CDC is also manipulating the data to conceal the fact that those who get covid-19 post vaccination are up to ten times more likely to die than those who get covid-19 WITHOUT vaccination. Of the 9,245 reported covid cases post-vaccination, the CDC found that 132 people (1 percent) died.

CDC will no longer report most covid-19 cases after vaccination

According to the new guidelines, the CDC will no longer report most of the “breakthrough cases” of covid-19. A “breakthrough case” is a new medical term for twice-vaccinated individuals who still test positive for covid-19. “Breakthrough cases” were being reported by the thousands before the rule change, but now the CDC is fixing the problem through data manipulation. The CDC instructed state health authorities to stop reporting “possible breakthrough infections” that were determined by RT-PCR tests with a threshold (Ct) value greater than 28. “Previous case counts, which were last updated on April 26, 2021, are available for reference only and will not be updated moving forward,” the CDC wrote on their site.

Throughout the covid scandal, labs used RT-PCR tests with a Ct value greater than 28, with some labs using meaningless Ct values as high as 35 or 40+. These high- cycle threshold PCR tests have been ruled scientifically meaningless but were continuously used to falsely diagnose healthy people with covid-19, creating the illusion of an ongoing “pandemic.”

Now the CDC is restoring standards for the PCR reporting of covid-19, but only if the person is vaccinated. This will reduce the number of false positives among the vaccinated, and only the vaccinated. This two-tiered diagnostic system makes it easier for unvaccinated people to test “positive” while protecting the vaccinated from ever testing positive. In other words, the CDC is using medical fraud to pin all future outbreaks on the unvaccinated.

CDC creates two-tiered diagnostic system to prevent vaccinated individuals from testing positive

Throughout the covid-19 scandal, the CDC has used an onslaught of medical fraud to deprive people of their civil liberties and to advance new mRNA “vaccine” experiments on humans. This medical fraud includes unreliable PCR tests that are intentionally calibrated with a high cycle threshold (Ct value) that magnifies non-infectious viral RNA, delivering a false positive diagnosis up to 97 percent of the time. Most of the labs around the world used Ct values greater than 28. The ideal cycle count is 17, so anything above this number could potentially trigger a false positive. These tests are then fraudulently used as solo, nonspecific evidence to claim an individual has a specific illness called covid-19, even when the person has no symptoms of illness. The person is then isolated, detained on false evidence and deprived of their civil liberties.

The mass testing of healthy people has led to an inflated case count of false positives, creating the illusion of outbreaks and an ongoing wave of propaganda to justify “emergency orders,” more government control, and the illusion of vaccine necessity. Furthermore, a “covid case” has been given a very broad medial definition and is not determined using symptom-specific diagnostic criteria. A covid case may be misconstrued with one of the many hundreds of viral respiratory pathogens that circulate each year.

This mass hysteria led to the disappearance of influenza and a host of other respiratory infections that were once recognized. People who died from heart attacks, strokes, ventilator-associated pneumonia, diabetes, influenza and other medical emergencies are often classified as “covid deaths” because the patient died “with covid.” The covid PCR test fraud distracted the public and the medical system from the underlying health issues and immune deficiencies that are the real issue when fighting infections.

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