CDC flip-flops with new recommendation that all Americans wear a mask indoors, AGAIN

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 Rochelle Walensky of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has decided that all Americans should once again cover their faces with t-shirt cloth or Chinese plastic in order to help “flatten the curve” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “delta variant.”

The private corporation posing as a federal agency has determined that Fauci Flu shots are not effective at preventing Chinese Virus infection and spread, which means that everyone should resume blocking their breathing holes in order to “stay safe.”

According to reports, the CDC is recommending that some “vaccinated” people wear masks indoors, particularly in areas of the country that are allegedly seeing a “surge” in new “cases” of Chinese Germs.

As vaccinated people continue to spread the delta variant to others, the CDC is insistent that everyone, including healthy people with natural immunity, restrict the flow of oxygen into their lungs – because this, Walensky says, is the only way to “cure” the Wuhan Flu.

“I think that’s great,” proudly stated Dr. Celine Gounder, an infectious disease specialist at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York. “This is a move in the right direction,” she added about the CDC flip-flopping once again concerning the face mask issue.

Keep in mind that the CDC promised just days ago to not alter its mask guidance unless there was some kind of “significant chance” in the “science.” There was no significant change, of course, which means the CDC lied.

Just ignore the CDC and “coronavirus” will be cured

Walensky is still claiming, despite scientific proof to the contrary, that Trump Vaccines are perfectly safe and very effective. There have been very few “breakthrough” infections, she claims, again defying actual scientific data that exposes her as a liar.

Getting injected for Chinese Germs is the only way to keep everyone safe against floating viruses, Walensky alleges – well, that and always covering your mouth and nose with a coronavirus veil.

Hilariously, Walensky contradicted herself during the announcement by admitting that the level of delta variant virus in infected “vaccinated” people is “indistinguishable” from the amount in unvaccinated people. In other words, the injections do nothing to stop the spread.

“It is concerning enough that we feel like we have to act,” Walensky further stated, referring to data the CDC supposedly compiled from 100 samples showing that vaccinated people “have the potential to spread that virus to others.”

Walensky’s dream is for all Americans to cover their faces whenever they are out in public. Not seeing other people’s faces, she claims – and not being able to breathe – is the best way to stop the Chinese Virus from ever again showing up as “positive” in a faulty PCR test, which apparently keeps her up at night.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki, another pretend scientist and doctor, concurs with the CDC new recommendation – which most Americans will continue to ignore, by the way.

“That is their job,” Psaki blabbed about how she feels the CDC is an important part of American life that Americans should listen to for medical guidance.

“Their job is to look at evolving information, evolving data, an evolving historic pandemic and provide guidance to the American public.”

That sure is a whole lot of evolution, and chances are some Americans will fall for it. Most, hopefully, will not, recognizing that these so-called “public health authorities” could not care less about people’s health. This is all about control and has absolutely nothing to do with health.

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