CDC projects DEATHS to hit 15,600 per week in the US, but blames the deaths on COVID, not the vaccine

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There are now more Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the U.K. than ever before (78,610 were recorded on December 15). The U.K. is set to break that record in the coming days and weeks as new mutations of coronavirus spike proteins start to take hold of the population, regardless of vaccine status.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is projecting COVID deaths to hit 15,600 per week in the U.S., as experimental vaccines draw the fully-vaccinated into the hospitals for another round of isolation, disease and withheld treatments.

The CDC is blaming this new wave of hospitalization and death on COVID and the unvaccinated. However, the rise in severe disease and hospitalization in the fully vaccinated is so great that the data is no longer clear.

CDC continues to defraud the public with faulty PCR tests and destructive genetic experiments

Throughout the entirety of the COVID-19 scandal, the CDC approved wide-scale distribution of PCR tests with high cycle threshold that cannot differentiate non-infectious viral debris from a real, symptom-specific respiratory illness. Yet for some reason, states are utilizing these PCR tests as the basis for all their data surrounding COVID-19, while using the fraudulent results as a way to deprive people of their civil liberties.

The medical fraud was compounded by the CDC’s new PCR testing rule, which is used exclusively for the vaccinated, to limit the number of “breakthrough COVID cases” and conceal the failures of the vaccines. This deceptive CDC rule instructed laboratories to only report COVID-19 cases in the vaccinated when the amplification cycles are dialed down to 28 and below, almost guaranteeing a negative test result.

Meanwhile, COVID cases could still be fraudulently counted in the unvaccinated using high cycle thresholds over 28, which are almost guaranteed to deliver a false positive. The CDC went even further with their medical malfeasance and allowed hospitals to classify dead vaccinated people as “unvaccinated deaths.”

The PCR tests, which cannot distinguish different types of coronavirus strains, will continue to be used in a coercive manner to tally up droves of false positives (healthy adults) and various mild respiratory illnesses, lumping the number in with the total case count for COVID-19. The most important statistic to watch for is not the 1.3 million COVID cases that are projected by Christmas Day.

But the real statistic to watch for is the surge in DEATH that continues to take place in fully-vaccinated populations. The CDC predicts a 73 percent surge in death over the Christmas weekend, and it is projected to be a problem witnessed mostly in fully vaccinated communities.

Fully vaccinated Cornell University confirms over 930 new cases

All of the 930 confirmed “omicron” cases at Cornell University are among people who are fully vaccinated. The whole campus is reportedly 97 percent vaccinated. Even more troubling: some of the people who are testing positive at Cornell University had a booster shot.

The CDC projects that up to 15,600 Americans will die from the new variant during the week that ends on January 8. The CDC predicts 18,400 hospitalizations and 1,228 deaths a day in the first week of January. It is very likely that antibody dependent enhancement is starting to surface in human test subjects – a phenomenon some scientists warned about early on when the vaccines were being rushed into existence.

All upcoming medical problems will be blamed on COVID-19, even as the vaccines fail over and over again

Dr. Gregory Poland from the Mayo Clinic said the United States does not have an adequate genetic sequencing infrastructure to monitor the spread of omicron. “We do so little sequencing that we really don’t have a good idea of omicron epidemiology at the local level,” he said.

He argued that there are 100 cases of omicron for every one that is sequenced. This only means that all upcoming hospitalizations and deaths can simply be recorded as COVID-19, (without any real confirmation). Vaccine injuries and associated diseases will be blamed on COVID-19, when the issues actually stem from vaccine failure and immune depletion, which is being perpetrated by the first two rounds of the mRNA genetic experiment.

Regardless of this reality, Dr. Poland said that two doses of the vaccine is not enough and that people are in for a “big surprise” this winter. “If you’re not boosted, you’re susceptible… to severe and moderate disease,” he said.

The CDC reported that only 16.5 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated now. More people are thinking twice before taking another booster. Early data shows that the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine and Pfizer mRNA are not be effective against the mutant strain.

Insanely, government and public health officials are urging more of the same nonsense, pushing dangerous vaccines on the population. If the experiment didn’t work the first and second time, go ahead and push it out again and again, threatening people’s livelihoods and freedoms in the process.

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