CDC pushing covid “scariants” propaganda to keep America enslaved with FEAR

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Every time Rochelle Walensky from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gets on television to declare that some new “variant” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) threatens to kill us all, you can immediately disregard it as a lie.

That is because all this talk about scary new variants is just more medical police state fearmongering designed to keep you in a constant state of fear and panic – and more importantly, willing to roll up your sleeve and get jabbed.

According to Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Walensky’s claims about variants “setting us back” in terms of reaching “herd immunity” are false. He even wrote an entire op-ed piece about it that was published by the New York Post.

Entitled, “Don’t buy the fearmongering: The COVID-19 threat is waning,” Makary’s piece explains that there is no evidence to suggest that new “variants” of the Chinese Virus will “evade vaccines” as Walensky claimed during a recent digital appearance in which she clearly read said claim from a script.

While Makary does believe that the jabs are “working” and that they deserve credit for a decline in the number of new “positive” cases of the Wuhan Flu, he does not believe that Walensky is correct in her claim that the sky will fall if some people refuse to get injected.

“… for the millions of Americans who are immune and live where the cases are low, the public-health threat is now defanged and below seasonal-flu levels,” he writes. “Given the harm of social isolation, we need to abandon the goal of absolute risk elimination at all cost.

Lying medical fascists are “testing” unvaccinated people with higher PCR cycles

What Makary fails to mention in his article about testing is that those who have been “vaccinated” are now being tested using a lower PCR cycle count, meaning they are more likely to test “negative.” Meanwhile, unvaccinated people are being tested using a higher PCR cycle count, meaning they are more likely to test “positive.”

The whole thing is a sham, in other words, and one that a growing number of people are identifying as they sift through the news trying to separate fact from fiction. The fact remains that Walensky and others from her crew are lying to us all in an attempt to get us injected and ensure our perpetual slavery under the medical police state.

Keep in mind that Walensky also believes that “racism” is a bigger public health threat than even the Chinese Virus. One wonders if she and the rest of her cohort are planning new “vaccinations” to cure that “problem” as well.

At the end of the day, this whole thing would be over were it not for the media, the government and the people who still, for whatever reason, believe everything they say. Miraculously, there was no influenza this past year at all because of Chinese Germs, and really no other cause of death besides “covid deaths.”

If this little factoid alone does not raise some eyebrows, then nothing will. The medical fascists are laughing in everyone’s faces with this endless nonsense as they tighten the noose around our collective necks in order to bring about their final endgame.

“It seems Dr. Rochelle Walensky is no more a doctor than Dr. Jill Biden,” wrote one Townhall commenter, pointing out the obvious.

“To be fair, her marching orders are to ‘keep up the fear-inducing statements at all costs,’” responded another.

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