CNN’s Lemon Blames Anti-Mask Conservatives For Rise in TRAFFIC ACCIDENT DEATHS

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CNN host Don Lemon has attempted to blame conservatives and people who dislike wearing face masks for a rise in traffic accident deaths, suggesting that those people are contributing to a “lack of civility” in society.

“38,680 deaths on U.S. roads last year — the most fatalities since 2007,” Lemon stated during a recent segment.

He continued, “And that’s even with pandemic precautions drastically reducing the numbers of drivers on the road. So what gives?”

“Well, some experts are saying that this is due to an overall lack of civility in our society,” the host added.

And then came the kicker.

“A lack of civility we have seen at school board meetings… over mask mandates… and on airplanes.”


Of course, there’s no actual evidence tying road deaths to angry parents at school board meetings or people who don’t agree with mask mandates.

It’s more made up CNN bull.

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