Confused Biden Performs ‘Air Handshake’ at End of Rambling Speech

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After another error-strewn, rambling speech in North Carolina, Joe Biden appeared to perform a random ‘air handshake’ while once again appearing confused as to where he was going.

Biden gave a 40 minute address at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro yesterday.

During the speech, Biden, whose approval rating just plummeted to 38 per cent, once again tried to blame soaring cost of living and runaway inflation, which was already in full swing last year, on February’s Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Inflation was already at 7.5 per cent before the invasion.

Biden also ludicrously claimed the United States “cut down all our forests,” something that caused global warming.

A befuddled Biden also claimed he was a “full professor” at UPenn despite never teaching a class at the university.

“I’m Professor Biden from Penn,” he later asserted.

In another cringe moment, Biden gave the audience permission to cheer in response to his speech.

Another embarrassing moment in American history was capped off when Biden, having finished his speech, appeared to extend his hand to no one.

The gesture also could have been Biden asking someone to help him with where to walk next, since he seemed utterly baffled and loitered awkwardly on stage for about 10 seconds.

If Biden somehow wins a second term, he’ll be facing another 4 years of this at the ripe old age of 81.

Good luck with that.

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