Corporate media trying to discredit VAERS reporting of covid vaccine side effects because it’s the only thing they haven’t yet censored

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The plandemic purveyors have a new problem on their hands that they are trying to eliminate because it is causing many people to skip the “vaccines,” and it is known as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Bloomberg Wire put out a propaganda piece about how the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) communications strategy needs “a makeover” because the data, which shows that the jabs are causing people immense harm, is driving many away from the injections.

Reports to VAERS, though minimal and highly manipulated, are skyrocketing so high that there is no longer any room for denial about the fact that covid jabs are the deadliest “vaccine” to ever be created.

The piece cites a University of Alabama epidemiologist by the name of Bertha Hidalgo who apparently has been giving people “too much information” about Fauci Flu shots, which is scaring them away from getting it.

“My method was, ‘These are the facts and this is what you need to do,’” Hidalgo told reporters.

The facts, however, do not paint Chinese Virus shots in a positive light. Because of this, Hidalgo and other Branch Covidians are having to walk a tightrope to try to get just enough of the positive information out there with minimal negative information so as to fool as many people as possible into thinking that these jabs are helpful rather than harmful.

Bloomberg calls government-run VAERS “a favored talking point among anti-vaccine groups”

The biggest issue currently, according to Bloomberg, is VAERS, which it describes as “a government-run clearinghouse for potential issues with vaccines that has become a favored talking point among anti-vaccine groups.”

VAERS is filled to the brim with injuries and deaths caused by Wuhan Flu shots, and this is just not good for marketing purposes. Thus, the corporate media and its corporate medicine allies are trying to get it removed, or at least censored, from public view.

Bloomberg sneers at the “existence of VAERS,” lamenting that too few public-health figureheads are discussing the problems it is causing for the continued rollout of the jab program.

“If you already know about the database, you may have learned about it via anti-vaccine propaganda, which falsely promotes it as evidence that vaccines have harmful effects,” Bloomberg further snarls about VAERS.

The piece goes on to blame VAERS data for creating fear towards vaccines that is similar to how a person might feel about the prospect of a “shark attack.”

“We could do a lot better in transparency when it comes to vaccines,” said Christopher Martin, a professor at the West Virginia University School of Public Health. “That is something we struggle with.”

The patronizing gets even worse as Martin suggested that public fears about getting injected are “inexplicable,” in his opinion.

“That is never going to change,” he added. “And our approach to hesitant people is to walk up to them on the beach and show them the data and say ‘Look, you have nothing to worry about.’”

The way forward, according to these people, is to custom-tailor the information that is released to the public in such a way as to maximize the number of potential recipients who will receive it in a positive light.

“We have to get information in the right format for people,” says Angus Thomson, a social scientist at the United Nations Children Fund.

Whatever lies need to be told to people, or whatever data from VAERS needs to be withheld, that is the strategy. And they are telling us this right to our faces now through corporate media outlets like Bloomberg.

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