COVID-19 is a fraud, says Dr. Andrew Kaufman

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The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is a fraud.

This is what Dr. Andrew Kaufman told host Kerri Rivera on the February 3 episode of the “Champions with Kerri Rivera” show on Brighteon.TV. (Related: The COVID fraud will not stay hidden forever)

“There’s just no evidence to show that there’s a virus that causes this disease. So everything built upon that is fraudulent in one sense or another. It’s not actually an isolated virus. It’s just the fluid, essentially, from a cell culture experiment,” Kaufman said.

Kaufman noted that even the authors of the publication titled “Isolation of a Virus” all said in written correspondence that they didn’t purify any virus in their experiments.

He also mentioned Nobel Prize-winning French virologist Luc Montagnier, the doctor who discovered the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), warning about the dangerous side effect of the mRNA vaccines and stating that a virus must be purified to show that it is real.

“And so in order to show that it’s real, that has to be done and it hasn’t,” Kaufman said, adding that the root cause of an illness must be known so that support can be given to bring healing to the body.

“We certainly don’t see evidence of any increased overall death rate. We see lots of fudged death certificates and numbers with financial incentives throughout the healthcare system that skew the data.”

Medical treatment, wearing masks are killing people

He also took note of the medical treatments that are killing people in hospitals and the dangers of wearing masks.


Kaufman warned that inhaling one’s own exhaust gases, carbon dioxide or CO2, at a higher concentration is going to cause a respiratory illness. He also talked about masks that had been contaminated with toxic materials.

“So you’re inhaling plastic particles in addition to whatever is coming out of your mouth that your body’s trying to get rid of. You’re re-inhaling and concentrating it in your lungs,” said Kaufman, who also warned about the abrasive plastic swabs that have been tested and shown to contain toxic metals and other substances.

Kaufman said people need to shift toward what he calls a “terrain model,” or the method of natural healing that supports the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

“That’s really the future of health and healing. And so we want to kind of promote that shift. And then in the course of telling that story, we go into the human struggle related to what we are facing, which is all predicated upon this scientific misconception or fraud, depending on how you look at it,” he said. “So that we can see like how we can stand up through the knowledge of these truths against the tyranny and the adversity that we’re facing.”

The forensic psychiatrist also indicated that the germ theory of diseases is misunderstood and experiments don’t show that germs cause an illness. He added that the allopathic mainstream healthcare model is all based on the germ theory.

Kaufman also said that the use of vaccines and drugs like antibiotics has led to a major decline in the health of people. He pointed out that conventional treatments are either the first or second leading cause of death in the United States based on the numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

He pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic has been like a “divide and conquer” kind of strategy that has been used as a way to get people to argue and fight each other rather than realize that they are being manipulated and steered down a path that is not in their best interest.

Watch the full Feb. 3 episode of “Champions with Kerri Rivera” below. “Champions with Kerri Rivera” airs every Thursday at 11 a.m.-12 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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