Creator of CDC coronavirus vaccine app dies after jab, company blames “covid”

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Joel Robert Kallman, an Oracle employee who created a breakthrough app for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to track Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination progress, has died, ironically, from getting his second jab.

According to reports, Kallman, of Delaware, Ohio, died on May 25, just days after receiving his second dose of mRNA vaccine for the Chinese Virus. Kallman received his first dose of the shot several months prior.

“I got my first vaccination today,” Kallman tweeted back on March 26. “I am incredibly proud of @Oracle and the team that worked tirelessly to create and run v-safe for the USA.”

After waiting the allotted amount of time after his first dose, Kallman went in for his second, only to die not long afterward. The mainstream media, of course, is attempting to shroud the link between Kallman’s second dose and his subsequent death.

The 54-year-old husband and father is best known in the technology field as the creator and visionary behind APEX, a web-based software development platform owned by Oracle upon which the “V-safe” smartphone app he developed operates.

Reports explain that the app uses text messaging and web surveys to provide “personalized” health check-ins after a person gets injected for the Wuhan Flu. The CDC adopted the app to collect data on vaccine side effects, as well as to remind users to get their second dose.

Sadly, Kallman became just another statistic in the app, his death being reported to the CDC after his second prescribed dose of the Chinese Virus injection.

Kallman tweeted a total of five times in the three days following his first injection before completely dropping off the radar. Prior to that, Kallman was known to tweet at least once a day.

Oracle blames “covid” for Kallman’s death

Rather than tell the truth about the timeline of Kallman’s injections in relation to his sudden death, Oracle APEX instead tried to blame “covid” for his sudden passing – because everyone knows that in the age of Covidism, all deaths are caused by covid (sarcasm).

“We’re heartbroken to share that Joel Kallman had passed away from Covid-19 on May 25th,” tweeted Oracle APEX on May 27. “Joel’s warmth and enthusiasm touched countless across the globe. We miss him dearly.”

Not once has Oracle even mentioned the fact that Kallman’s death occurred shortly after his second injection, which, if we are to believe Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, should have protected him against serious complications – perhaps sudden death is not considered to be all that serious?

Instead, the multinational corporation took the opportunity to ignore the elephant in the room and pretend as though Kallman died because some floating virus entered his breathing passages after he had already been injected and taken hold.

The only thing this proves, if true, is that the vaccines are worthless and do nothing to protect a person against infection. At worst, the vaccines are causing the infection in the first place, potentially leading to death.

Officially, Kallman’s death is being called a “breakthrough” case of the Chinese Virus, meaning it came about after vaccination. The number of breakthrough cases is skyrocketing, according to the CDC, which says serious hospitalizations and deaths post-injection have more than tripled just in the past month alone.

“[C]ritically, in persons who have had recent infections, vaccination could re-ignite a critical inflammatory disease or blood clotting complications that have proven deadly to some patients,” warns Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, who says that unvaccinated people who have already tested “positive” for covid already have immunity anyway and should not get jabbed.

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