DC Mayor Bowser declares emergency, says all persons must carry vaccine papers and photo ID just to leave their own homes (but not to vote)

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The situation in Democrat-run cities as the latest variant of COVID-19 spreads is getting beyond insane as leaders become more authoritarian and constitutional rights literally have been suspended.

That includes, ironically, our nation’s capital, where Mayor Muriel Bowser has decreed that citizens can no longer leave their homes without proper COVID vaccine ‘documentation’ — literally, they must have the right ‘papers’ or they will be detained and punished.

Just like the old Soviet Union and East Germany.

“Remember that starting Saturday you will need these three things before heading out: 1. Proof of Vaccination (12 years +) 2. Proof of Vaccination and Photo ID (18 years +) 3. Mask,” Bowser tweeted this week.

Some users on social media pointed out the massive hypocrisy of requiring people to have a photo ID, especially, just to be seen in public in the people’s capital, but requiring one to vote is somehow a racist endeavor.

The utter lack of self-awareness over a photo ID mandate to venture out in DC — but not to vote — is astonishing. But what is even more telling is that Democrats instinctively turn authoritarian when it comes to the exercise of power.

Meanwhile, most Republican leaders remain true to the root concept of their party’s name — ‘republic’ — by continuing to respect Americans’ constitutional and civil rights, regardless of whether or not there is a pandemic.

The contrast between the two political parties’ COVID responses could not be starker.

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