Dem Purge of America’s Most Influential Conservatives Is In Full Swing…Steve Bannon Becomes First Person In Nearly 40 YRS to Be Sentenced to Prison Based on Contempt of Congress Charge

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Only a few weeks ago, it was the innocent Ginni Thomas, the wife of Clarence Thomas, who was caught up in the wide net cast by the unconstitutional Jan 6 Witch Hunt Committee, as she voluntarily testified before the angry mob of Democrats and RINOs. T Although they knew they had nothing on Mrs. Thomas, who left the Ellipse on Jan. 6 before President Trump spoke because she was too cold to stay, they still held out hope that they could bloody her up a bit and weaken her sterling reputation and influence with conservative leaders in the DC Beltway. Meanwhile, individuals like Ray Epps, who were actually caught on camera encouraging individuals to “go inside the Capitol,” are not even on the radar of the Witch Hunt Committee.

Steve Bannon, like Ginni Thomas, is a high-profile target for the committee, who consider it a big win just to have his name in the news before the mid-term elections.

Today, it was Steve Bannon’s turn to face the music for refusing to speak with the Trump-hating committee of leftist hacks who roam the halls of Congress like a pack of hyenas hoping to add another popular Trump supporter to their scalp collection.

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Steve Bannon stood tall as he walked into the DC courthouse where he would face sentencing by Judge Nichols.  The brave conservative hero thanked the media for coming while hateful Leftists screamed over him in the background, calling him a “traitor” and fascist.” Newsflash for the hate-filled Left…defending your country in the face of a communist threat is not the definition of a “traitor.”

Bannon told the crowd that the judgment day for the Biden regime is coming on November 8th:

The bravest woman in our US Congress, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, who has been an outspoken advocate for the abused January 6th prisoners, tweeted her support for Steve Bannon only moments before he was sentenced.

Scott McFarlane, who has excitedly covered the trials of the January 6 political prisoners, shared his breathless coverage of Steve Bannon’s sentencing this morning.

McFarlane, who is a leftist hack “journalist,” mocked Steve Bannon’s style of dress while he waited with his attorney at the defense table for the judge to return and issue his sentence for refusing to appear before the unconstitutional Jan 6 Witch Hunt Committee.

McFarlane shared excerpts from the judge: 

Judge: “Mr. Bannon was a private citizen” …. “Some of the information sought by the subpoena is information under which no conceivable claim of executive privilege could’ve been made”

Judge acknowledges some separation of power issues relevant to Bannon’s defense have not been rectified by the court Judge: “Bannon did not completely ignore the subpoena or fail to engage with the committee at all”… judge says it does appear Bannon was following legal advice

Judge notes Bannon has been compliant with terms of release in case, after noting Bannon’s background, Navy service and work on Trump campaign and his podcast

Judge Nichols sentenced the retired Navy Admiral, former top Trump advisor, and one of the most popular conservative podcasters in America to a 4-month prison sentence

Judge Nichols says he’ll release Bannon until his appeal is complete

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), who has also been a vocal advocate for the January 6th political prisoners, reminded Americans that Steve Bannon is the first person to be sentenced to prison in nearly 40 years based on a contempt of Congress charge.

Maureen Bannon shared a touching tweet with a photo of her and her loving father Steve Bannon

To the world my dad is one person, but to me he is the world.

My dad has always stood with me and I will always stand with him.


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