Democrats are obviously fearful of the ongoing ballot audits in Arizona, Georgia, and New Hampshire: The question is why?

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Following the last three Republican presidential victories, Democrats challenged the election results in at least one state.

When Donald Trump won in 2016, they challenged the entire election, claiming, falsely, that he only won because Russia helped him ‘steal’ victory from Hillary Clinton.

But after Joe Biden ‘won’ in 2020, they now claim that our elections are the most fair, free and transparent they’ve ever been.

And here’s the thing: Maybe they’re right.

Maybe all of this talk about electronic ballot machines being manipulated; tens of thousands of ballots being faked; and illegal dumping and counting of ballots in the middle of the night is just BS.

It could be that all of those claims are coming from poor sports — sore losers who just didn’t want to see Trump leave the White House yet.

Maybe Biden really did get tens of millions more votes than Barack Obama. Maybe Biden really is that popular.

If all of that is true and the 2020 election was on the up-and-up, then Democrats shouldn’t object one iota to any audits of ballots, right? After all, why would they? Biden and Democrats won ‘fair and square,’ after all, so there is ‘nothing to see here’ in terms of voter fraud — correct?

Then why are Democrats so vehemently opposed to the various ballot audits currently taking place in states like Arizona, New Hampshire, and Georgia? If you’ve got nothing to hide, then you’ve got nothing to fear — yes?

Writing for American Greatness, Turning Point USA co-founder Charlie Kirk wants to know the same thing: Why are Dems so opposed to ballot audits?

“Democrats are positively terrified of election audits that aren’t completely controlled by the political establishment. If there’s a chance an audit might reveal meaningful information, you can bet Democrats (and certain weak Republicans) will stridently oppose it. The only audits Democrats and their allies support are the ones designed to rubber-stamp previous conclusions,” he wrote recently.

“The increasingly desperate attacks on the ongoing audit in Maricopa County, Arizona—particularly those intended to undermine the credibility of the auditors—show just how much the Democratic Party establishment fears the whole process. Their entire argument is based on sarcasm, scorn, and scare quotes,” he added.

The Arizona audit has been especially problematic for Democrats, for some reason. We’ve been told for months that the thin 11,000-vote margin for Biden was legitimate, but when a group of state Republican senators simply wanted to go back and make sure that the election was sound and fair — a ballot integrity confidence builder for Arizonans, if you will — Democrats freaked out, responding with attacks on GOP lawmakers, lawsuits and demands that the audit not be conducted for various reasons.

“By smearing the auditors as corrupt and/or inept, and the audit itself as a partisan stunt, leftists are hoping they can discredit the process and convince Americans to stop asking pesky questions about whether any laws were broken or procedural loopholes exploited during the 2020 elections. That’s the way people respond to questions when they don’t want anyone to know the answers,” Kirk writes.

He notes further:

It’s not just the Arizona audit, either. Democrats and their media allies are already fully engaged in a crusade to preemptively impugn the legitimacy of any audits that might be conducted in other states, describing conservative support for audits in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere as “a bid to bolster former President Donald Trump’s lies about widespread fraud in the 2020 election.”

If they really believe the 2020 elections were “the most secure in American history,” then they should welcome audits as a way of substantiating that claim. Indeed, they should even be celebrating audits run by Republicans, since their conclusions will carry so much more weight with GOP voters. That said, the Arizona auditors have practically been begging Democrats to participate, but the Democrats have only been interested in attacking the process from afar.

Democrats don’t want these audits to take place for one reason and one reason only — and wise Americans know what that reason is.

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