DeSantis Blasts ‘Lying’ Biden White House & Legacy Media’s Support of Jabbing Babies With Covid Vax

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‘We are not going to have any programs where we are trying to jab 6-month-old babies with mRNA,’ the Florida governor said.

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke with the press on Monday from the city of Callahan, specifically addressing the federal government’s decision to begin vaccinating American children ages 6-months to five years old with the experimental mRNA Covid jabs.

The governor’s remarks came after a reporter asked for a comment on the Biden administration’s claim that Florida “reversed course” and decided to order Covid vaccines for kids under five after originally refusing the shots from the federal government.

Responding to this allegation, DeSantis said, “The White House is lying about it, surprise. Not surprised the White House would lie, definitely not surprised that legacy media would amplify the lie, because that’s what they do. The state of Florida, they came out with an article saying, ‘the state of Florida has not ordered, its Department of Health has not ordered mRNA jabs for the babies.’ Yes, we didn’t. We recommend against it. We are not going to have any programs where we are trying to jab 6-month-old babies with mRNA.

DeSantis again confirmed his administration has not and will not be ordering Covid vaccines for children from the federal government before telling the press that because practitioners and hospitals can order the shots, the White House is now claiming Florida has “reversed” its decision.

“I said from the beginning that we’d be able to do that,” he explained. “We don’t have the authority to prevent it, and quite frankly if someone wants to make a different decision, I would just caution people to look at the actual data in the clinical trial.”

Bold stances like this are why DeSantis is America’s most popular GOP governor and a rising presidential contender.

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