Do NOT Show this Video to DEMOCRATS … or REPUBLICANS!!

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Here is Brian from his “Grease Monkey” channel talking about the “left vs right” paradigm and the hypocrisy.

Quoted from Brian:

“It’s unfortunate that in this period of political divide, many on the “RIGHT” and on the “LEFT” will view me as the enemy because I don’t subscribe to, nor participate in, the political circus tent the psychological operators and social engineers have constructed for humanity. The only way to beat the system is to first inform yourself that the system exists and that it is EVIL from top to bottom. Every nano-partical that makes up the entire political ecosystem, as well as all the participants, is governed by the unseen individuals who have complete control of the currency of this country. This monetary control empowers them to put every player (including Politicians, Judges and those who participate in the voting process) firmly onto the cable of control. Everyone who bows to the system in ANY way becomes a promoter of it. Each pawn in this game is instantly demoralized and dehumanized. And THAT is the central roll of all governments. Until we realize this, find our moral bearings and stop consenting to it, nothing will change. Trump, Biden, Obama, Bush, Clinton…NO figurehead puppet president works for you (team Red or team Blue) they work for the Global power-brokers. As much as people want to believe otherwise (like cult members), nothing will erase this truth.”

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