Do You Believe In Yourself?

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I used to be a lost soul. I hated myself. I could not go a day without being depressed. I knew that I was not being honest with myself and others. I was constantly looking for distractions to keep reality from intruding onto my mind. I would stay engulfed into tv shows, movies, and music in order to “numb” the voices in my mind that were telling me to “wake up” to reality.

After 9/11, my inner instinct really started pushing me to start exploring and accepting the reality around me, regardless of whether it was good or bad. I finally did the deepest dive into my soul that I had ever done and decided to face everything in my history and see things for exactly what they are and I was able to wake up to all of the things about the world I live in. As hard as it is to accept reality at “full force” I cannot go “back to sleep”.

As for what we have been forced to deal with in regards to Covid-19, I saw, at the beginning of it, that it was going to be used to take as many of our rights and freedoms away as possible. That’s what made me decide to create ““. I chose to create a website to be as a “megaphone” for sharing truth and most importantly, try to “wake up the sheeple” that are still living like I used to live.

In the video below, Max Igan really speaks words that resonated with me. Listen yourself, and choose to believe in yourself.

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