Do you live near a FEMA concentration camp? FEMA has authority to SUSPEND LAWS and put you in one of their COVID isolation camps located across the United States

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Most Americans really have no idea the power that FEMA wields; they mostly think it’s just some government rescue-type workers that help out after hurricanes, earthquakes and floods happen. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is actually a covert government with far more power than any other agency in this country. Did you know FEMA can seize people, detain them without a warrant, deny them phone calls to lawyers or loved ones, take their home, food and vehicles, with no trial or judges even involved at all? FEMA can temporarily freeze the Constitution.

If there were a nuclear war, or an EMP attack, or say, a (media-hyped) pandemic, FEMA can function by circumventing Congressional authority and stuff to capacity their 800 prison camps around the United States, some of which are currently fully-staffed, heavily guarded and holding prisoners. Most of these concentration camps consist of several fortified structures, barbed wire fencing, and can hold a population of 20,000 prisoners.

From old airports and prisons, to military bases, WWII Japanese detention camps, and railroad facilities, most of these Nazi-style camps are fully operational right now and ready to take in prisoners. What kind of prisoners you ask? Those who will not take the Covid vaccines.

Should Martial Law be implemented in the Democrat-run metropolitan cities, all it would take is for Resident Biden and the Attorney General to sign a warrant with every person’s name on it who has not yet been vaccinated for Covid, and voila, a Civil War. FEMA created these camps under the Rex 84 Program, designed in case of a “mass exodus” of Mexicans crossing over all at once, then the US government could toss them all in FEMA prisons, but that is not what FEMA is preparing for right now, obviously (with the Biden open-borders forever program).

Operation Garden Plot (population control) and Operation Cable Splicer (feds take over state and local governments) listed in FEMA concentration camp plan

Under Presidential Executive Orders Resident Biden, with the stroke of his pen, can initiate the federal takeover and provide the legal framework for a Marxist takeover of major areas of each US state, functioning as the executive arm of the police state, while the CDC (whatever Fauci says) functions as the executive arm of the pharma state. One hand washes the other. The two ‘sub-programs’ of FEMA under the Rex 84 Program strategically function with transportation hubs, where most of these Covid concentration camps have railroads (and major roads) leading to and from them.

The FEMA concentration camp just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska is a massive mental health facility that can house 2 million people, again, with no warrants for arrest, no trial, no phone calls (while being force-vaccinated with billions of blood-clotting prions).

Several Executive Orders associated with FEMA suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

These executive orders that suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights have been around for three decades, but now expect them to be put to use, in a major way, during the next few big steps of the Democrat’s big scamdemic goal to wreck America and turn it into a communist wasteland, while reducing the population by a couple hundred million people, including the military, hospital workers, transportation staff, the elderly, children and pregnant women.

Executive Order #10990 allows the government to take control of highways, harbors, planes and trains. Executive Order (EO) #10997 allows Biden to take over control of gasoline, petroleum and the electrical grid. EO #10998 allows them to seize your vehicles, including tractor trailer trucks and farming tractors. EO #11000 says they can “mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.”

Then there’s EO #11004, where they can take all the Blacks, Jews, Christians and other vaccine deniers and designate all their homes as “abandoned” while relocating them to Nazi ghettos, leper colonies (Covid camps) and mental hospitals, also known as FEMA camps. They can even lock all of these innocent people up with rapists, murderers, arsonists and psychopaths who are already at those prisons. Let that sink in for a minute.

FEMA-COVID concentration camps ready to imprison non-vaxxers and political dissidents in every US state

Surely you would like specific examples of this seeming “conspiracy theory” information about the insidious US government preparing to wipe out 150 million Americans in concentration camps, and the rest by toxic China Flu jabs that clog and clot human blood.

For example, in Alabama, FEMA has prepared a military compound near every town, a WWII German POW camp, Fort McClellan, and the Talladega federal prison “satellite” camp. In Arizona, just a twenty minute drive from the Mexican border, there’s Fort Huachuca (close to Nogales Rex 84 facility), and there are also WWII Japanese detention camps in Pinal County, Florence and Yuma County. Will Japanese Americans who are smart enough not to take the Covid vaccines be locked up, again, during the Democrats vs. Everyone Else War?

In Arkansas, at Fort Chaffee, FEMA can hold 40,000 prisoners in the same location where they store B-Z nerve agent (civilian “control” gas) that causes dizziness, sleepiness and stupor. Other closed airbases are prime for flying in prisoners with new runways and extra-large camp facilities. In California, FEMA has even set up shop at a rarely-used space launch complex called “Slick Six.”

Other FEMA sites in several other states include using military correctional facilities, Army airfields, crematory facilities (Hawaii), wilderness areas and national wildlife refuges (Idaho), National Guard training sites, federal penitentiaries (Illinois), shuttered Amtrak railcar repair facilities (Indiana), missile ranges, Army depots and many more.

Plus, there are overseas locations and prisons already holding tens of thousands of people, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and Guayanabo, Puerto Rico where upwards of 100,000 prisoners are currently held.

Be on the look out for vaccinated individuals suffering from Spike Protein Syndrome, where billions of virus-mimicking particles clog the blood, causing clots and clogs. Tune your truth news dial to to stay informed of the engineered pitfalls of the Covid scamdemic.

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