Documentary film “TrustWHO” exposes Bill Gates for bankrolling global genocide programs

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Lilian Franck has put out a documentary film called “TrustWHO” that exposes billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates as the world’s number-one financier of terrorism and genocide.

The way Franck frames it is that Gates is the primary contributor to the World Health Organization (WHO), the “public health” arm of the globalist United Nations. Were it not for the gobs of cash Gates is constantly throwing at it, the WHO probably would not even exist, at least not in its current capacity.

No other entity on earth, including entire national governments, sends more cash to the WHO than Gates. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks all about this in his new book “Vax-Unvax,” which is set to be released in November.

“Gates has used his money strategically to infect the international aid agencies with his distorted self-serving priorities,” Kennedy writes. “The U.S. historically has been the largest direct donor to WHO.”

As revealed by The Defender, Gates contributes to the WHO via multiple avenues, one of them being his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Another is GAVI, which was founded by the Gates Foundation in partnership with the WHO, the World Bank, and a handful of vaccine manufacturers.

“As of 2018, the cumulative contributions from the Gates Foundation and GAVI made Gates the unofficial top sponsor of the WHO, even before the Trump administration’s 2020 move to cut all his support to the organization,” The Defender reported.

The WHO is basically run by Bill Gates

Even Politico called out Gates for his undue influence over the WHO and its agenda. A “disproportionate amount” of the WHO’s resources are spent on what can only be described as Gates’ personal pet projects, that exposé revealed.

“His sway has NGOs and academics worried,” Politico reported.

“Some health advocates fear that because the Gates Foundation’s money comes from investments in big business, it could serve as a Trojan horse for corporate interests to undermine WHO’s role in setting standards and shaping health policies.”

In her film, Franck covers all this and more, including how Gates routes additional funding to the WHO through SAGE (Strategic Advisory Group of Experts), UNICEF and Rotary International. All in all, Gates’ contributions to the WHO amount to over $1 billion.

Back when the WHO was first founded, the film goes on to explain, it maintained autonomy in deciding where and how funds were disbursed. Now, thanks to influence from Gates, at least 70 percent of the WHO’s funding is tied to “special projects.”

“Gates’ vaccine obsession has diverted WHO’s giving from poverty alleviation, nutrition, and clean water to make vaccine uptake its preeminent public health metric. And Gates is not afraid to throw his weight around,” Kennedy’s book also explains.

“The sheer magnitude of his foundation’s financial contributions has made Bill Gates an unofficial – albeit unelected – leader of the WHO.”

Gates steered WHO funding to secret projects during the 2009 H1N1 “swine flu” pandemic, and he did it again with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), revealing much of what he had planned at the Event 201 gathering back in Fall 2019.

Interestingly, the WHO showed absolutely no concern about H1N1 six weeks before it was declared as a “pandemic.” Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the UN body changed the definition of a pandemic, removing all severity and high mortality criteria to render any “worldwide epidemic of a disease” as a “pandemic.”

This is why it was so easy for governing bodies all around the world to declare the Chinese Virus as a “pandemic,” even though there are few visible signs to suggest that people are really even getting sick on a massive scale like the mainstream media and White House are claiming.

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