Don’t bother vacationing in Hawaii: Honolulu goes full “vaccine Nazi” and will deny you entry into restaurants, museums and movie theaters

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Beginning on September 13, the Hawaiian city of Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu, is officially launching a new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” passport scheme that will require proof of injection or a “negative” covid test in order to enter certain business establishments.

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi is demanding that all patrons of gyms, restaurants, movie theaters and select other businesses show proof of injection for the Fauci Flu in order to enter. If they refuse, then they will be denied service.

The program is called “Safe Access Oahu”, and it is among the most aggressive in the country to supposedly ward off the elusive “delta variant.”

Blangiardi is single-handedly responsible for the order, which he signed via a mayoral decree. More than likely, the order is completely unconstitutional and will face legal challenges in the coming days.

“We don’t want a lockdown,” Blangiardi announced during a news conference, claiming that forcing people to get medically raped for the Chinese Flu is the only way to stop the spread.

“I am on the record as saying that. We don’t want a lockdown. But we need to all work together to make sure we don’t have to do that, and this is a good, safe way to get it done.”

Blangiardi says covid takes at least 15 minutes to spread upon contact

Safe Access Oahu will supposedly only last for 60 days, though we heard the same thing in early 2020 with the lockdowns that were only supposed to last for two weeks in order to “flatten the curve.”

In addition to restaurants, gyms and movie theaters, all bars, museums and arcades are also being told that they must comply with the order.

Those exempt from the order include employees, interns, volunteers and contractors who agree to show proof of a negative Wuhan Flu test – either molecular or antigen – every week. The same exemptions will apply to customers, just so long as they got tested within the past 48 hours.

Children under the age of 12 are also exempt, as are customers who go into a quick-service café or restaurant and stay there for no more than 15 minutes. According to Blangiardi, who is not a doctor, the Chinese Virus will not spread unless an infected person remains inside for longer than 15 minutes.

Right now, the vaccination compliance rate in Hawaii is officially somewhere around 63 percent. Blangiardi wants this figure to be much higher, which is why he is imposing medical fascism on the people who elected him as mayor, along with tourists.

Speaking of tourists, Blangiardi’s decree is likely to put a serious dent in travel to the city as vacationers are unlikely to want to go through all this nonsense just to spend a few days at the beach.

Seeing as how Hawaii is only just now starting to see travelers visit there after a year and a half of lockdowns, Blangiardi’s ruling will only further disrupt Hawaii’s already delicate economy, possibly leading to a collapse.

Lt. Gov Josh Green is also urging the public to avoid all Labor Day parties over the upcoming weekend and to instead remain in solitary confinement in order to stop the spread. Should people obey, this will only add insult to injury during a period when economic activity would otherwise be strong due to the holiday.

“There’s just so much sense in having a quieter Labor Day weekend,” Green told state residents, threatening them with another lockdown should the number of hospitalizations exceed 500 patients over the next few days.

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