Door-to-door vaccines are this generation’s 9/11 terrorist attack, but instead of using planes, the terrorists are government-trained “volunteers” wielding spike protein bioweapons

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The year is 2021. Government goons are going door to door in the United States, armed with guns and blood-clotting vaccines, that have all been declared a “medical experiment.” No, it’s not Orwell’s 1984 or September of 2001, it’s 2021. This is like terrorism, but it’s medical terrorism, and instead of flying planes into buildings and killing 3,000 people, they’re walking a team to your front porch, to slow-kill by the millions. Just as terrorists used planes on 9/11 as weapons of mass destruction, the Biden administration is using toxic vaccines, and over 9,000 people have already died from these Covid jabs, in case you haven’t seen that “aftermath” on the fake news networks.

Yes, Biden’s depopulation goons are knocking on doors in America and they’re packing deadly vaccines. Some people have died from the Covid-19 inoculations literally just days after getting jabbed. People are suffering from blood clots in the lungs and brain. Some people are going deaf or blind.

The odds are scary, and we don’t even know exactly how many people have died from the vaccines because that news is all filtered, banned and blacklisted by all social media, TV networks, newspapers and pharma’s shill websites. Now, the Chinese Communist Party’s insidious influence on the already highly corrupt vaccine industry has led armed US vaccine police (dressed as “health authority” volunteers) with spike protein bioweapons to your front door. What will be your “reaction?”

Terrorism at your door

Do not answer. Run your video phone the entire time, until they leave your premises. It doesn’t matter if they can see you in the window. Don’t talk. Do not open your door. It is your right. Would you answer if you knew they were terrorists with weapons of mass destruction as an “offering” to “keep you safe?” These people are trespassing, no matter what they say. These government-paid goons are coercing, no matter what they claim. It’s solicitation of invasive, deadly “medication.” They don’t have the right to ask you if you’ve been vaccinated. They don’t have the right to try to sell you on it. Every medical choice you make is yours, not the government’s.

This is Paul Revere letting you know the enemy is coming to your town, to your front door. Will you be “shot on sight?” This is a depopulation scheme being run by our own government. This is the “shot” that needs to be heard ’round the world. Wake up. Defend yourself and your rights.

Terrorism is always based on fear, just like in 2001, just like now

September 11th, 2001 wasn’t about people from the Middle East hating capitalism so much they wanted to blow up our infrastructure. September 11th, 2001 was about terrorizing the American people so that the anti-constitutional Patriot Act could be passed. This enabled the US government to spy on every American and violate Constitutional rights of privacy. Today, the American people face a new invasion of privacy, that’s planned and orchestrated to slow-walk us all into medical terrorism, also known as “kill switch inoculations.”

Realize that the “evil do’ers” are those who plan and orchestrate these “events.” They are those pushing vaccines, those who made them, and those who released the lab-made viruses. They are pushing fear. Selling it to you (for free) at your doorstep.

Terrorism is always based on fear, just like in 2001, and just like now. Your fears in 2001 were that more terrorists would hijack more planes, or trains, or buses, and blow them up or load them up with dirty bombs, which were biological weapons of mass destruction. Your fears in 2021 are based on a false narrative about a pandemic, and these biological weapons of mass destruction are disguised as the very “holy grail” that’s supposed to save you from those fears. The fear of lab-made germs. Pathogens. Virus strains.

It’s fear-based terrorism, and they’re coming to your front door to help you comply. They want to vaccinate you right there on your porch with the deadliest vaccine ever made. It’s the “Delta” terrorists. It’s the vaccine police. Run!

The 19 “militants” of 9/11/2001 were like ghosts. There was no proof they did what we saw on video on TV. In fact, we never even saw a plane fly into the Pentagon. No fire-proof black boxes were ever found. That’s why the vaccine industry is protected today. Every vaccine manufacturer has 100 percent immunity to lawsuits. Does that make you wonder?

You can never really “catch” the terrorists. The Bin Laden raid was a farce, and even a Navy Seal insider wrote a book about it. Osama “CIA Goon” Bin Laden had already died from kidney failure months or even years before that. Now they’re calling Americans terrorists if you voted for Trump or deny the plandemic vaccines.  It’s really just a war on truth, and we must all fight in it to continue winning and to stay alive.

If you really want to help beat back the “War on Terrorism,” then say no to these dirty, deadly Covid vaccines. Now, if for some reason, you already got jabbed with the blood-clotting Covid inoculations, and you are suffering from CoVax Syndrome, then report it to VAERS. Also, check out for updates on these crimes against humanity and the upcoming vaccine holocaust.

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