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As always Dr. Madej is incredible as she has been in rooms with these INSANE people who are pushing these poisonous vaccines. The Hydrogel drug delivery part is very scary as WE the People are the Experiment and the hydrogel has biosensors that contains technology most would think could never exist.

You have to watch this just to get a picture of what is going on. Unreal.

They want every human’s body connected to Wi-Fi by 2027 ALL the time. They get that Hydrogel in your body through the Vaccines.

For those who have received the jab and not the placebo because 60% do receive the placebo, what happens? This is a RESEARCH EXPERIMENT and they really don’t know for sure what will happen, if their experiment will work. Dr. Carrie says that many of these injections are harmful but the goal of the injections is CUMULATIVE and the main thing is NOT to get any more.

There is NO Regulation on this as they still have Emergency Use Authorization and the FDA is in favor of this massive experiment. So WE the people can no longer consent to this tyranny and genocide. Why are we volunteering for an experimental trial in which they can track us with multiple biosensors – they say it is a vaccine to prevent Covid which is a total lie, it is an experiment on the world to gain complete control of us.

Luciferase is in the vax so they can see clearly who has had the vax. A Super Computer will overlook all of this. Computers do not consider emotion. This is dangerous, this AI could end up thinking for itself and seriously could decide to kill of humanity.

The mRNA, is it changing our DNA? Are the people still human? If you follow all those WEC meetings they say 2027 or 2030 we will no longer be organic human beings and they are not giving us the decision to change our DNA and insert AI into the body and modify genetics. Also, if the we are declared Synthetic we can be patened and owned by someone like Bill Gates. They are just branding us like a cow. They are lunatics. Literally insane. No care for human life at all and they want to get rid of 80% of the population anyway, but first they want to know if their modifiers work.

Dr. Carrie says for people who have took the shots, do NOT take another one. Try to Detox your body.

Common Law and Divine Law will no longer apply to you after they deem you Transhuman.

Watch this interview with Dr. Carrie Medej

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