Dr. Judy Mikovits tells Dr. Steve Hotze: Fauci is chief perpetrator of plagues of corruption

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This article comes from “naturalnews.com”

Leading American scientist and author Dr. Judy Mikovits said that National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Dr. Anthony Fauci is the chief perpetrator of “plagues of corruption.”

Mikovits made the statement during her interview with Dr. Steve Hotze in the January 31 episode of “The Dr. Hotze Report” on Brighteon.TV.

“Dr. Fauci for 37 of the 40 years of my career, Dr. Fauci has been the chief perpetrator of these plagues of corruption that included HIV-AIDS, XMRV, association with MECFS and autism, bird flu, swine flu, Zika, Ebola from 2014. All of these so called epidemics or pandemics, we now know have actually been plandemics, experimentation on innocent people. And the outcome has been the explosion of chronic disease in our world,” revealed Mikovits, who discovered that viruses, cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome, among other disorders were caused by retroviruses contained in vaccines injected into people. (Related: Dr. Judy Mikovits – Fauci is behind every pandemic since 1984)

The doctor of molecular biology and biochemistry added that the pharmaceutical industry has profited from Americans who are being sick all the time.

She also discussed during the show how vaccines are made and the problems she found when people are given various vaccines.

Retroviruses in human endogenous genome

Mikovits, who started work at the National Cancer Institute in June 1980, mentioned that humans have an endogenous genome that is 10 percent viruses, including retroviruses, that are expressed at low levels at all times in order to regulate our innate immune response and teach us what is self and non self which she said is the key of our immune system.


“Our genomes have God given retroviruses that teach us what is self and what is non self. So when we inject the live viruses that you’ve grown in another animal cell line, the animal tissue is not removed, the animal DNA, RNA and protein is not removed, it’s not filtered away from the antigen because you can’t separate on size an animal, simian immune deficiency virus and a human of that same family of viruses. So you can’t grow a viral vaccine without growing it in an animal cell lines,” Mikovits explained.

“So these have been in our laboratories being mixed with other animal tissues, being mixed with mouse tissues being mixed with other human tissues, where you’d get another human’s genome is not you. So you create auto immunity, you attack yourself because you can’t tell the difference. It’s too close to you and you’re injected with such an overwhelming amount in every shot.”

She also pointed out that when you inject another animal into a human, you will create auto immune, auto inflammatory and dysregulation of that innate immune response that can cause cancer, type 1 diabetes, and other diseases that are exploding in our world.

“And so the key of our innate our frontline the immune system is the regulated expression at a low level of our endogenous viruses. So when you inject directly another animal or human, you’ll get disease. And it’s that explosion of disease that our work discovered. And this would have shut down the entire drug industry as we know it today would have had to stop in 2011, when it was clear that this was causing the explosion of disease we see in our country,” the former director of the Antiviral Drug Mechanisms lab at the National Cancer Institute clarified.

Vaccines are genetically modified organisms

 Mikovits added that all vaccines are genetically modified organisms and gene therapy from the COVID shot’s messenger RNA will dysregulate the expression of the human genome.

The doctor of molecular biology and biochemistry also talked about the controversial research paper she wrote for publication in May 2009 and went under review for six months at the NIH, which held a special meeting with the Food and Drug AdministrationCenters for Disease Control and Prevention and other organizations.

She disclosed that Fauci, who was keeping a close eye on whether or not her paper was published, tried to discredit her work by saying that their tests were contaminated with mouse DNA.

Watch the full Jan. 31 episode of “The Dr. Hotze Report” below. “The Dr. Hotze Report” airs every Monday at 5-6 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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