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Dr. Steven Hotze of “The Dr. Hotze Report” looks at the dangerous ingredients in every vial of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. Author and research scientist Dr. Robert Young joined Hotze in the Oct. 18 edition of the latter’s program on Brighteon.TV. Young presents his findings about four widely-used COVID-19 vaccines and reveals a shocking finding.

Hotze touches on Young’s “special research” about the ingredients of the Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines. “Dr. Young has not only analyzed what’s in the injections, he’s analyzed what it does to the blood after it’s injected,” Hotze says.

Young mentions the methods he and his team used to scrutinize the individual ingredients found in COVID-19 vaccines. These include “very advanced” optical microscopes, electron transmission and scanning microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. According to Young, these have enabled him and his team to look at the insides of organic and inorganic materials – including water materials.

“I call them ‘so-called vaccines’ because I was shocked by what was contained [in them] – which would actually take them out of the game, so to speak, if we’re talking sports. We’re no longer talking about vaccines, we’re talking about an inoculation of organic and inorganic material that’s quite disturbing – in fact, horrific,” Young says.

The research scientist also focuses on the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines and their use of mRNA technology. “The reason they genetically modify it, is so they can patent this this concoction that they come up with and then label it a vaccine as if it’s going to provide some sort of immunity. I would say pseudo-immunity,” Young tells Hotze.

Young warns of the dangers of graphene oxide

Hotze lauds Young for doing “the most extensive work” on evaluating the four COVID-19 vaccines. He then asks: “What’s in it that they haven’t told us about? Is there anything in it that’s concerning to you, or we should be concerned about?”

Young answers: “All of these vaccines contain graphene oxide and at different amounts. For example, [the] Pfizer [vaccine], which has claimed it contains no graphene oxide or iron oxide, is approximately 98 percent graphene oxide,” he tells Hotze. Young continues that the Moderna mRNA vaccine also contains the same amount of graphene oxide. (Related: Graphene oxide used in coronavirus vaccines linked to adverse events, even death.)

Young’s observation is consistent with the revelation of former Pfizer employee turned whistleblower Karen Kingston. She reveals during an interview with podcast host Stew Peters that the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine does contain graphene oxide. “One hundred percent it is, and it’s irrefutable,” Kingston tells Peters.

The whistleblower continues that the reason why graphene oxide is not listed as an ingredient is because it is “well-known that it’s poisonous to humans.”

The research scientist also elaborates on why graphene oxide in vaccines is something to watch out for. Young explains: “It’s not an electron donor. It’s a proton donor and it literally takes up electrons, so it takes life force energy from you. It has been identified by other scientists as cytotoxic, meaning it destroys the cell membrane. It’s genotoxic which means it destroys or mutates the genetics of the cell or has the capacity to do that.”

He continues: “[With] the combination of iron, it is now magnetotoxic – therefore making it a bio-sensor type material. So it’s electrical and it’s magnetic at the same time because of the combination of these two metals in a nanostate that is going to specific areas of the body such as the female and male reproductive organs, the bone marrow and the heart – leading to myocarditis, pericarditis and symptomologies that are very, very serious.” (Related: FDA admits covid injections from Pfizer, Moderna cause heart inflammation.)

Young slams vaccine makers for refusing to divulge ingredients

Young slams vaccine makers for their refusal to disclose the full ingredient list of COVID-19 vaccines. He notes that vaccine vials usually come with a safety and ingredients sheet as required by law. However, Young says that not all vaccine makers are truthful with this sheet as some of them do not divulge other ingredients use in the shots.

Hotze comments: “We know that they have proprietary substances in there that they haven’t revealed in the patent. They don’t believe they have to reveal them, and you studied it.”

Young says that is exactly what motivated him to take a closer look at the COVID-19 vaccines.

In the case of mRNA vaccines, he notes that the modified mRNA coated in polyethylene glycol delivers specific instructions to specific areas of the body. “That becomes very important because in their statements, these pharmaceutical companies have stated that the inoculation stays at the site of the inoculation [and] it doesn’t disperse out. This is not the case,” Young points out.

Watch the full Oct. 18 episode of “The Dr. Hotze Report” below. Tune in to “The Dr. Hotze Report” every Monday at 5-6 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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