End Covid masks, dirty vaccines, and “public quarantines” for LOW-RISK Americans now!

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Enough is enough. Quarantining the healthy is absurd and useless. We never did it with the measles or the flu, so why now? Well, most of us realize it was to rig the election, and because we all thought “better safe than sorry,” but now that time has passed, and those hard lessons have been learned. In fact, quarantining the healthy, social distancing, and ridiculous, perpetual mask-wearing are all destroying natural immunity, as we’re all hidden away from Nature and the wild viruses that we all build antibodies against from day to day.

If anything, we should have just quarantined the high-risk Americans, who are currently battling cancer and diabetes, and those who take a dozen quack-prescribed medications daily, as they are the most likely people to die from Covid-19, should they catch it.

Lockdowns, masks, vaccines and social distancing actually exacerbate the spread and virility of the China-19 virus and its mutations

This mass vaccination campaign happening all over the world is about to trigger a global catastrophe of which Bill Gates and Fraudulent Fauci are well aware. Ever heard of “viral immune escape?” That basically means that the Covid-19 vaccine series is causing much more harm than good, as the virus is morphing, and the new strains will overcome the folks who have been synthetically “immunized” with mRNA, and they will be the first to die from Covid-21 and Covid-22.

Yes, a dedicated virologist and vaccine expert, who happens to be a former GSK, Novartis, and GAVI vaccine insider by the name of Dr. Bossche, has blown the whistle on the biggest medical mistake the world could ever make, and that’s to mass vaccinate the world with Covid jabs, which will only intensify the new, more virulent, dangerous and deadly viral strains that coronavirus is mutating into as you read this.

The mutations of the lab-created China virus or “Wuhan flu” will become more infectious and more fatal to the brainwashed vaccinated sheeple who rushed to get shot up with a vaccine series that makes them weaker, to viruses and cancer. Oh, the irony.

Covid is so smart, it knows to only spread in Blue states now

Mainly only the Democrat-run “blue” states are still under massive Covid fear-based (not science-based) lockdowns, mandatory-masks-everywhere laws (masks that lower your immune function), social distancing tyranny (that ruins herd immunity), and forced vaccination dictatorship (get jabbed with poison or lose your job). That’s because the whole plandemic was planned (hence the nickname) by evil, plotting globalists who used Democratic platforms to take over America with this new communist/Marxist regime.

That’s why Covid only attacks in Blue states, because the Red state governors have finally realized that the plandemic is over and that Covid is just another flu, that was introduced to the world as a population reduction mechanism, and a way to create 80 million fake mail-in ballots for Biden.

By quarantining the healthy, the globalists are accomplishing 10 major goals.

#1. Make all Americans faceless, so they have no personality and feel worthless, like the destitute peons of communist China and Russia.

#2. Raise the price of all public entertainment by 400% so only rich folks and the elitists can do anything fun outside of their home. If you don’t believe it or haven’t checked lately, you can’t go bowling or to comedy clubs without paying an arm and a leg just to get in the door.

#3. Ruin everyone’s immune system function by limiting/eliminating all contact with the natural world, thus ruining our gut bacteria (flora) balance of 85 percent good bacteria and 15 percent bad.

#4. Keep masks on everyone’s face to help breed bacterial and pneumonia infections, through lack of proper oxygen and lack of escape of harmful bacteria we breathe out from our lungs.

#5. Wreck the economy so everyone begs for free stuff, bailouts, and stimulus money that only the “Demoncrats” can give you, if you’re so lucky.

#6. Social distancing eliminates collaboration, so nobody talks about the massive scam that’s really going on, or how to change it, or how to escape it.

#7. Convince everyone that a deadly pandemic is still in the air all around us at all times so everyone will get the deadly mRNA vaccines that set us all up for death by virus and cancer very soon.

#8. Bankrupt all small and medium-sized businesses by limiting hours, capacity, service, employees, customers, and profits. This empowers the 5 corporations that run the world, including the media.

#9. Blame everything on global warming, so Americans always believe there is no cure for anything, but to give all your income to the government to try to save you.

#10. Have an excuse to raise the price of all goods, including food, medicine, fuel, entertainment, and soon, interest rates and inflation will skyrocket. This is all based on the trillions of dollars that Americans think are being printed to “save the country.”

That’s why we all need to end Covid masks, dirty vaccines and “public quarantines” for LOW-RISK Americans now. It’s all a scam to control us, bankrupt us, and turn America into a communist hell-hole. Tune your internet dial to SupplementsReport.com for updates on ways to lower your stress so you can function at high capacity and avoid Covid.

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