ESPN Talent Discuss Toxic Workplace in Explosive Undercover Footage: ‘Just Blatantly Racist Sh*t’

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Project Veritas released a new undercover video today recorded within ESPN that revealed what appears to be a workplace environment full of toxic racist tension.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Whistleblower-recorded audio and video show numerous ESPN employees discussing what they see as a toxic, racist workplace environment which directly contradicts the image that ESPN tries to project.
  • In one clip, a black studio operator discusses, “the racial shit that happens in here all the time.” In another clip, a black woman working as an audio communications specialist says “that’s not how it is” when addressing the difference between ESPN’s workplace environment and social justice image.
  • On-air talent Alyson Lang, who covers the SEC for ESPN: “I know the comments that have been made to me at work and the conversations that have been had in front of me at work, like, I mean just blatantly racist sh*t. Just blatantly, like, complaining to me that we have three white hosts, and I’m like, ‘What do you want me- do you want me to leave?’”
  • On-air talent Matt Schick, who’s been with ESPN since 2012, said, “It has different connotations now,” when talking about what it’s like to tell people he works for ESPN. In the next soundbite, he calls ESPN, “a global entity of forced thought.”
  • The whistleblower, ESPN Studio Operator Trevor Adams, sent a company-wide email outlining these concerns and was subsequently identified by the company as a “threat” which resulted in law enforcement being sent to his home. He was terminated soon after an attempt from Project Veritas to obtain a comment from Human Resources.

You can watch the full video here:

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