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Today’s law enforcement are some of the most power hungry individuals on the planet. The law enforcer’s view of citizens are not one of a protective nature. You can go from being a cop’s best friend to arch enemy in a split second. As a former law enforcement officer I have known officer’s that come to work and had an argument with their wife. so they actually said “I hope someone pisses me off today, so I can take their asses down!”.

In the mind of the officer, anyone that is not walking around like a zombie, is a threat. If you encounter them and talk with constructive criticism, then you become the enemy. They can go their entire career without realizing that they are basically the ones who are bringing more tyranny to everyone they come across because they “filter everything through the badge”.

I have been following a father and son team for some time now. Their YouTube channels are Amagansett Press and Watching The Watchmen. They have been traveling the nation in support of our Constitutional rights. They exercise their right to take photos and video in public spaces. They encounter power hungry law enforcers all the time. They also document how society reacts to two men with cameras in public spaces. Most people go nuts and walk up to them and then say “why are you filming me?”. In the video below, they were in Panama City Florida filming, on a public side walk, and the Bay County Sheriff’s Office deputies show their “us against citizens” mentality. If any law enforcers watch this, you need to reflect on the oath you took to uphold the Constitution. The “laws” that you are enforcing contradict the oath you took. So, you have to decide whether you think “policies of the politicians” are more important than Constitutional rights.

Dear Officers: What Do You See When You Look Into The Mirror?

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